Passages: Former Swimming Benefactor John E. du Pont, 72

SOMERSET, Pennsylvania, December 10. FORMER United States swimming benefactor, John E. du Pont, died in his cell at the Laurel Highlands State Prison at the age of 72 according to the Associated Press.

Du Pont, who is best known for the shooting death of Olympic gold medalist wrestler Dave Schultz in 1996, was the creator of Team Foxcatcher. Du Pont, an heir to the du Pont fortune, built a $600,000 sports training center on his estate Foxcatcher Farms to support wrestlers, swimmers and pentathletes. Germantown Academy's Richard Shoulberg coached at the facility during its heyday.

Du Pont's philanthropy for amateur sports was well-known prior to being found guilty, but mentally ill, in the murder of Schultz in 1996. Du Pont, at one time, had donated more than $3 million to USA Wrestling.

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