Pan American Games: Ecuador, Brazil Get Two Top-Five 10K Finishes

18th World Championships 2019, 16.07.2019, 10km Men, Jordan Wilimovsky (USA) #73, Victor Colonese (BRA) #49, Hau-Li Fan (CAN) #4, Evgenii Drattcev (RUS) #46. Esteban Salgado Enderica (ECU) #13, Matej Kozubek (CZE) #20, Elliot Sodemann (SWE) #61, Photo: JoKleindl
The Pan American Games open water races kicked off with the 10K. Photo Courtesy: JoKleindl

The open water competition in the 2019 Pan American Games began with the 10K race from Peru.

Ecuador shined with two top-five finishes, including the gold medal.

Ecuador’s Esteban Enderica claimed victory in the men’s 10K. He finished in 1:53.46.7 to hold off the field by more than 13 seconds.

Argentina’s Guillermo Vitto Bertola finished second in 1:54 flat, 13.3 seconds behind the winner.

USA’s Taylor Abbott claimed the bronze medal with a swim of 1:54.02.7, 16 seconds behind the winner.

Fourth place went to Brazil’s Victor Ribeiro Colonese (1:54.03.6), followed by Ecuador’s David Farinango (1:54.05.8).

The rest of the top 10 included, Argentina’s Franco Cassini (1:54.06.2), Canada’s Jon McKay (1:54.19.5), Venezuela’s Diego Vera (1:54.366), Mexico’s Arturo Perez (1:55.31.7) and Canada’s Raben Severin Dommann (1:55.33.1), giving Canada two top-10 finishes.

USA’s Theodore Smith finished 11th in 1:57.27.6 and Mexico’s Fernando Betanzos (2:01.50.4) followed.

In the Pan American Games women’s 10K, Brazil earned two top-three finishes to lead the field, including the gold medal. Argentina also had two top-five finishes.

Brazil’s Ana De Jesus Soares won in 2:00.51.9 to dominate the race by 31 seconds.

Argentina’s Cecilia Biagioli took the silver medal in 2:01.23.2 to finish ahead of Brazil’s Viviane Eichelberger (2:01.24).

USA’s Kathryn Campbell finished fifth in 2:01.57.5.

Canada’s Kate Sanderson finished sixth in 2:02.52.2, followed by Peru’s Maria Bramont Arias (2:02.56.9), Mexico’s Martha Sandoval (2:03.44.4), Canada’s Chantel Jeffrey (2:04.45) and USA’s Becca Mann (2:04.47).

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3 years ago

American Abbott takes bronze.