Pacific Collegiate Swim Conference Championships Begin

Photo Courtesy: Kyle Staggs

By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World College Intern

This afternoon the Pacific Collegiate Swim Conference began in Monetary Park, California. UC San Diego won all of the events tonight. The men’s and women’s 1000 freestyle, 200 medley relay and 800 freestyle relays were swam.

In both the the women’s and men’s 1000 freestyle UC San Diego took the top three places. Haley Hamza took the gold with a time of 10:07.00. Teammates Regan Rickert (10:08.99) and Stephanie Sin (10:19.83) placed second and third.

Travis Rogers touched the wall first for the men’s 1000 in the time of 9:52.35. UC San Diego freshmen Spencer Reed (9:56.40) and Brian Berger took the silver and bronze.

In the women’s 200 medley relay UC San Diego won the event. The team of Natalie Tang (25.73), Jamie Bryan (28.40), Naomi Thomas (24.91) and Colleen Daley (22.44) won with a 1:41.48. It was a race for second place between Cal State East Bay and Loyola Marymount University. But with a 1:43.45 the East Bay squad of Mariam Lowe (26.20), Makila Schuck (29.19), Vivy Hua, Madison Hauanio (22.79) touched the wall second. Loyola’s team came in right behind with Kaliee Mora (26.42), Marley Abbott (29.61), Hannah Calton (24.35) and Kristen Brennand (23.19) going a 1:43.57 for third place.

UC San Diego men also won the 200 medley relay. The team of Julian Jacobs (23.01), AJ Zavala (25.39), Kevin Wylder (21.03) and Arthur Heale (19.57) came in first in the time of 1:29.00. Fresno Pacific came in a close second going a 1:29.62 with the team of Luka Barisic (22.85), Maksim Shcherbakov (24.34), Wesley Coles (22.27) and Austin Hussain (20.16). Concordia University Irvine came in third. Their team of Joshua Delarosa (24.92), Gianluca Bandiera (25.96), Minh Dang (23.62) and Dylan Alba (20.01) went a 1:34.51.

UC San Diego’s women’s 800 free relay of Julia Toronczak (1:51.91), Maddy Huttner (1:50.23), Dari Watkins (1:48.96) and Natalie Tang (1:49.07) came in first in the time of 7:20.17. Loyola Marymount came in second with the team of Hannah Calton (1:49.75), Isabel Willis (1:54.24), Kristen Clarno (1:51.20) and Stephanie Horwitz (1:52.49) going a 7:27.68. Cal State East Bay came in third with a 7:35.33 an the team of Madison Hauanio (1:51.99), Morgan McClure (57.86), Hannah Cutts (1:56.05) and Cassidy Humphrey (1:55.15).

UC San Diego’s men’s team of Michael Cohn (1:37.39), Chandler Pourvahidi (1:39.33), Michael Leung (1:38.89) and Paul Li (1:39.39) won the event with a 6:35.00. Fresno Pacific’s team of Wesley Coles (1:38.75), Kyle Jones (1:45.10), Austin Hussain (1:41.76) and Zackary Johnston (1:45.86) went a 6:51.47 for second. Concorde Irvine came in third (6:56.61) with the squad of John Dowd (1:40.44), Martino Cervera (1:47.28), Dylan Alba (1:45.71) and Joshua Delarosa (1:43.18).

Men’s Team Scores:

1. UC San Diego 270
2. UCSC 214
3. Fresno Pacific University 186
4. Concordia University Irvine 154
5. Biola University 126

Women’s Team Scores:
1. UC San Diego 307
2. Pepperdine University 243
3. Azusa Pacific University 231
4. Cal State East Bay 176
5. Loyola Marymount University 153
6. UCSC 126
7. Concordia University Irvine
7. Fresno Pacific University
9. Biola University 88
10. Sosa University 74