Olympian Mike Alexandrov Accepts One-Year Ban

mike alexandrov
Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

Mike Alexandrov, who was on the U.S. national team and swam in the Olympics for Bulgaria, has accepted a one-year ban from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the agency announced Tuesday.

According to multiple sources, Alexandrov, 32, tested positive for benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine, which are found in cocaine. The results were found after a urine sample he provided at a meet in Santa Clara, California, in June, The Associated Press reported.

The former Northwestern national champion’s one-year ban began on Aug. 24, 2017, the day he returned from his official retirement, according to The Associated Press. He has been disqualified from all competitive results dating to June 4, 2017, when his positive sample was collected, and has forfeited any medals, points and prizes.

Cocaine falls under the class of stimulants and is prohibited in competition under USADA rules.

Alexandrov competed for Bulgaria in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics before changing his athletic citizenship to the United States in 2009. He told Swimming World over the summer that he was retiring from “competitive professional exploits.” 

Read the full USADA announcement here.




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    Why did it take almost a year for this to be discovered?

  2. Carol Goodey

    Big of him to accept!!!!

  3. Jarod De Vos

    Queran de Vos Caelum de Vos banned for using cocaine…

  4. Emily Martin

    Molly Hein yeah well we swam with him

  5. Dee Nelson

    Let me get this straight. He was retired decided to return to the sport used drugs and only gets a year suspension? What is wrong with this and what does it show our hard working youth! Time to change these officials!!!

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      Concerned Parent

      He used a recreational drug. Not a steroid to enhance his performance. Please don’t make this any bigger than it is.
      I am not justifying his use of cocaine, I am however stating there is a significant difference between a recreational drug and a performance enhancing drug. This Should be easy to understand.
      What we should be more concerned about for this young man is, is this a bigger problem for him and does he need help with an addiction.

  6. Cheryl Zwijacz

    James Hooper unless the Russians turned blood to white powder with the recent Icarus movie he blood dope for all the medals he earned