Off Deck: Matt Grevers Returning to Competition

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World

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At this weekend’s Arena Pro Swim Series stop in Austin, Texas, Matt Grevers will return to the racing pool for the first time since this summer’s Olympic Trials, and to discuss that and more, he joined this week’s episode of Off Deck.

Grevers won gold in the men’s 100 back at the 2012 Olympics but finished third at Olympic Trials in the event behind Ryan Murphy and David Plummer. On Off Deck, Grevers explained how he felt the moment he saw the “3” next to his name, how he handled it afterwards, his mindset for the remaining few days he was in Omaha and how he handled himself in the immediate aftermath of the meet.

Grevers went on to discuss why he wanted to continue swimming and how long he thinks he can keep it up. He also explained how his life has changed in the two months since the birth of his daughter, Skylar.

Watch the full interview with Grevers below, and check back next week for more episodes of Off Deck!


  1. Marissa Walsh

    Yay! One of my faves?

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    I just love Matt Grevers

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    Paul Smith

  4. John Mulsoff

    Best of luck the Mulsoff family is behind you

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    Why can’t these 30+ year old American swimmers retire? Grevers has nothing left to prove and has won at every level. Try something new.