NOW ONLINE August Swimming World Magazine: Phelps Sets Another Record; Most Swimming World Covers; Ryan Lochte Moves Up Rankings

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 26. JUST days away from the duo putting on a true Battle of the Olympic Titans, superstars Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte share the cover of the August issue of Swimming World Magazine. Read Now For $3.95.

With the appearance, Phelps breaks his tie with Mark Spitz for the most career covers in Swimming World history. Previously, the two had shared the career tally mark with nine each, but with Phelps' return to the cover for the first time since December 2008's World Swimmer of the Year award, Phelps now has 10 total cover appearances (August 2012, December 2008, October 2008, December 2007, May 2007, December 2006, December 2004, September 2004, September 2003, June 2001).

Spitz now stands second all time with nine appearances (October 1972, October 1971, August 1971, April 1971, September 1970, April 1970, August 1969, December 1967, August 1967).

Lochte jumped into the legacy conversation with all time greats Janet Evans, John Kinsella and Dara Torres as other swimmers to have graced the cover six times in a career:

Janet Evans (February 1996, October 1989, March 1989, May 1988, September 1987, January 1987)
John Kinsella (April 1973, July 1972, April 1971, November 1970, September 1970, February 1969)
Ryan Lochte (August 2012, September 2011, December 2010, October 2010, June 2006,
September 2004)
Dara Torres (August 2008, October 2007, August 2000, July 1988, May 1988, September 1983)

The rest of the rankings that separate Phelps and Lochte are as follows:

Roy Saari (August 1965, April 1965, September 1964, August 1964, December 1963, May 1962, June 1961, August 1960)

Susie Atwood (July 1972, May 1972, November 1970, September 1970, November 1969,
September 1969, May 1969)
Mike Burton (April 1970, September 1969, April 1968, June 1968, April 1967, December 1966, September 1966)
Gary Hall (Sr.) (April 1973, May 1972, April 1971, September 1970, September 1969, August 1969, May 1969)
Debbie Meyer (September 1970, September 1969, November 1968, May 1968, December 1967,
August 1967, July 1967)
Don Schollander (April 1968, April 1967, September 1966, February 1965, August 1964, June 1963, March 1961)
Jenny Thompson (October 1999, December 1998, March 1998, July 1995, January 1993, April 1992, November 1990)

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