Nine Nations Land on the Podium at FINA Diving Grand Prix

Photo Courtesy: FINA

Divers from a total nine nations – Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Romania– occupied the podium at the sixth stop of the FINA Diving Grand Prix 2015, held in Bolzano (ITA) on July 3-5.

Wei Zhong of China significantly progressed from his third place at last leg in Madrid as he topped the 3m event with 425.70 points in the north Italian town. Wei placed ahead of Michele Benedetti (ITA) and Ken Terauchi (JPN), who respectively totalled 424,95 and 417,10 points.

Yu Okamoto of Japan won the platform while the Norwegian Jesper Tolvers took silver and Zigan Huang (CHN) placed third, reinforcing his bronze medal gained in Madrid.

Among the women, Chinese divers claimed gold in both the springboard and platform events with Liu Lingrui and Ding Yaying (317.40, 327.15). With the exception of the mixed events, China confirmed its lead and took gold in the synchro men’s and women’s 3m and 10m.

Canada’s pair Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu / Marc Sabourin-Germain placed first in the mixed 3m while Diego Balleza / Paola Pindea (MEX) dominated the mixed platform.

The circuit’s divers will now have a long break as the 2015 FINA Diving Grand Prix will next stop in Singapore onOctober 16-18. Gold Coast in Australia will conclude the series on November 1st.

Medalists in Bolzano

3m springboard: 1. Wei Zhong (CHN) 425.70; 2. Michele Benedetti (ITA) 424.95; 3. Ken Terauchi (JPN) 417.10
10m platform: 1. Yu Okamoto (JPN) 447.90; 2. Jesper Tolvers (SWE) 444.90; 3. Zigan Huang (CHN) 437.75
3m synchro: 1. Zhiguang Diao / Wei Zhong (CHN) 411.60; 2. Andrea Chiarabini / Giovanni Tocci (ITA) 395.97 3. Michele Benedetti / Tommaso Rinaldi (ITA) 376.65
10m synchro: 1. Zigan Huang / Lizhi Cao (CHN) 418.08; 2. Diego Balleza / Juan Celaya (MEX) 366.90; 3. Maksim Popkov / Boris Efermov (RUS) 350.31

3m springboard: 1. Lingrui Liu (CHN) 317.40; 2. Zhihuan Xu (CHN) 309.45; 3. Francesca Dallape’ (ITA) 298.75
10m platform: 1. Yaying Ding (CHN) 327.15; 2. Noemi Batki (ITA) 315.70; 3. Minami Itahashi (JPN) 297.35
3m synchro: 1. Zhihuan Xu / Dong Jin Jia (CHN) 307.20; 2. Tania Cagnotto / Francesca Dallape’ (ITA) 277.11; 3. Vivian Barth / Madeline Coquoz (SUI) 243.21
10m synchro: 1. Siyu Ji / Lizhi Cao (CHN) 418.08; 2. Gabriela Agundez / Samantha Jimenez (MEX) 300.78;

3m springboard: 1. Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu / Marc Sabourin-Germain (CAN) 289.26; 2. Tania Cahnotto / Maicol Verzotto (ITA) 276.30; 3. Daniella Nero / Vinko Paradzik (SWE) 261.00
10m platform: 1. Diego Balleza / Paola Pineda (MEX) 304.86; 2. Mara Elena Aiacoboae / Catalin Cozma (ROU) 289.62; 3. Erik Caicedo / Sara Perez (COL)


February 20-22 – Rostock (GER)
April 2-5 – Leon (MEX)
April 9-12 – Gatineau (CAN)
April 16-19 – San Juan (PUR)
June 26-28 – Madrid (ESP)
July 3-5 – Bolzano (ITA)
October 16-18 – Singapore (SIN)
October 23-25 – Kuala Lumpur (MAS)
Oct 29-Nov 1 – Gold Coast (AUS)

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