Nicolo Martinenghi Downs 100 Breast World Junior Record; Andrew & Whitley Qualify Tied for 2nd

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Men’s 100 Breast Semi-Finals

Nicolo Martinenghi of Italy continued to flex his breaststroke sprinting prowess with a top showing in semi-finals of the men’s 100 breast. There the young Italian delivered a scorching 59.01 to secure the top seed in tomorrow night’s final, but to also down the championship, Italian National Record, and World Junior record (WJR).

Martinenghi is no stranger to posting records. Throughout 2017 he has re-written the record books multiple times and has shown no signs of slowing down. Since April he has downed the WJR in the 100 breast a total of four times. He has also lowered the Italian National Record several times throughout the year, putting himself in a strong position to become the first Italian man beneath the 59-second mark.

Comparable splits:

  • Martinenghi (August 2017): 27.48, 31.53 = 59.01
  • Martinenghi (July 2017): 27.60, 31.63 = 59.23
  • Martinenghi (June 2017): 27.54, 31.77 = 59.31
  • Martinenghi (April 2017): 27.65, 31.81 = 59.46

Joining Martinenghi in tomorrow night’s final are young breaststroke all-stars Reece Whitley and Michael Andrew. The two Americans delivered matching times of 1:00.33 to tie for the second place seed in tomorrow night’s final.

Australia’s Zac Stubblety-Cook turned in a 1:01.09 for the fourth place seed, followed by Germany’s Wassill Kuhn’s 1:01.24.

Italy’s Alessandro Pinzuti (1:01.26), Russia’s Evgenii Somov (1:01.32), and South Africa’s Michael Houlie (1:01.49) completed the top eight.

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Reece Whitley and Michael Andrew, United States

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