NCAC, Home of Kenyon & Denison, to Cancel Conference Championships For Winter Sports

Photo Courtesy: Kenyon Athletics

The North Coast Athletic Conference, home of Division III swimming powers Kenyon & Denison, has announced it has cancelled conference championships for winter sports, as well as conference play. Institutions may make individual decisions regarding outside competition during the winter season, according to a release sent out by the conference. Many students will not be returning to their schools for the spring semester until late January or early February.

The nine institutions in the NCAC will not return student-athletes to campus for practices or other athletically related activity between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

From the release:

The NCAC will continue to explore all options and plan for a safe return to intercollegiate competition, with the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and our broader communities our foremost concern. As the pandemic evolves, we will continue to monitor changing federal, state, and local guidance, and we will consult with each other as well as public health authorities and the NCAA as we plan for our eventual return to conference competition.

The NCAC is the second Division III conference to cancel its winter sports season, after the NESCAC on the east coast did the same thing earlier this week.

North Coast Athletic Conference members:

  • Allegheny
  • Denison
  • DePauw
  • Hiram
  • Kenyon
  • Oberlin
  • Ohio Wesleyan
  • Wabash
  • Wittenberg
  • Wooster


  1. Kris Kohl

    We’ve become a ‘throw-your-hands-up and give up’ society. What a shame. They could hold the championships responsibly if they wanted to. So much for America exceptionalism.

    • Julie Tellier

      I have been looking for the words, “give up society”. You have it described it perfectly. What happened to “never give up” or “where there is a will there is a way”. This pandemic has made us weak and lazy

    • Maddie Taylor

      Julie Tellier this pandemic is real and still happening and we cannot ignore that. we still do not know the long term effects and people are trying to keep healthy athletes safe and make a way for them to compete safely!!!! it’s not “giving up” it’s called being responsible and safe…

    • Jessica Bauer

      Maddie Taylor there’s a way to do it safely. Club teams have been doing so for months with no issues.

    • Irene Robins Viola

      Maddie Taylor How is canceling the meet “making a way for them to do it safely” College football is being played, there is a march on Washington today, people are flying all over the country elbow to elbow, they can certainly find a way for swimmers to swim safely.

    • Julie Tellier

      Maddie Taylor to my point!! As you say-Make a way for them to compete safety. What is that way? Society is too comfortable doing nothing to think of a way or just gave up trying.

    • Jim Venn

      Kris Kohl Agreed 100%. Complete bullshit.

  2. Andy Gallion

    This is BS to throw in the towel right now. Zero courage or commitment. Why can’t they have the conference meet in April?

    • Lisa Reinke Hyde

      Andy Gallion , yeah literally, why decide now?

      They train year around anyway, so pretty much pick any month you’d like to hold it and actually try to do it!

    • Andy Gallion

      Lisa Reinke Hyde exactly. Plenty of time. My son swims in the PSAC who is planning to have a champs meet in April. No need to pull the plug now.

  3. Ryan Connell

    One year to flatten the curve!

  4. Doug Schack

    No sense of risk versus reward. Letting that be defined for us.

  5. Michele Snyder-Willis

    So it’s ok to have football games this fall with all that contact but no swimming with literally zero contact

    • Andy Gallion

      Michele Snyder-Willis swimming is very low risk. This is ridiculous.

    • Lori Goldberg Mennitt

      Michele Snyder-Willis this whole thing makes no sense to me. Harming our kids across the board.

  6. Dennis Page

    This is total BS….who ever is in charge needs to be replaced!

  7. Charlene Tallen

    Thanks for the memories. We will surely miss our friends at the pool. Tigers never quit ?DPU

  8. Katy Bateman Brown

    Terrible. These swimmers keep getting walls put up in front of them ? soccer…sure! Football…sure! Volleyball…sure! Swimming….nope. Why??

    • John Piatt

      Katy Bateman Brown ?

  9. Lisa Bendall

    Absolutely ridiculous. The NCAA deems football safe to play, which has far more close contacting than swimming. So unfair for the athletes

    • Devin Rummelhoff

      Lisa Bendall …don’t even get me started with these “guidelines”, “non-standards”. I just want some damn consistency. It’s Like a damn guessing game every event we go to.

    • Lisa Bendall

      Devin Rummelhoff exactly. My children are swimming at the their club under strict rules and have had two successful intersquad meets. No parents allowed, but can watch on Facebook live. It can work if people try hard enough and use common sense

    • Devin Rummelhoff

      Hockey games are hit or miss here. One rink is this, other is that. Had one rink where parents couldn’t even stay in the parking lot!

    • Devin Rummelhoff

      We’ve got rinks that require a waiver signed to be signed online within 12hrs of game time. No earlier.

  10. Ryley Pearson

    So many of these decisions are so rushed and haphazard, with zero thought towards how it affects these athletes mentally. Being a swimmer back in the day I couldn’t imagine preparing for a meet all year only to have it pulled from under me

    • Lisa Greenberg

      Ryley Pearson Agree. There is no reason not to hold their conference championships.

  11. Joe Gerzema

    Boo & dumb. Let the swim if they want to.

  12. Laura Steward

    Personally I’m glad. The season is a bust…no real meets, training and pool access has been completely off for so many kids. Why waste an eligibility year for a few “virtual dual” meets.

    • Evelyne Diedre Gilbert

      Laura Steward sadly most of these kids will not get this year back. I know my son is. D3 swimmer. Parents cannot afford to pay tuition for another year, and academic scholarships are lost if they take a “ gap” year. My son will sadly only swim 3 years in college.. for what? A virus that 99% are fine from and one that the D1 swimmers will still have a season for??

    • Andy Gallion

      Evelyne Diedre Gilbert same situation here with a two sport athlete (swimming/polo) with academic and athletic scholarships. Why pay another year when he can graduate with an ME degree and make big $$$?

    • Laura Steward

      My point was that unlike a lot of other sports…they aren’t getting to practice or have anything that resembles a season. ?

  13. Tony Trefoil

    Idk but….I bet some of you people on here don’t believe in vaccinations either. JS

  14. Thomas Richner

    What a shame- there are ways they could have made this happen. Maybe it didn’t look exactly like it has in years past, but don’t believe it needed to be canceled. With NCAAs still scheduled, what are their plans? Couldn’t NCAA offer some guidance for qualifying meet?

  15. Andy Gallion

    Ridiculous to pull the plug at this point. Show some courage and commitment.