NCAA Eases Athlete Transfer Rules

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

College athletes who have wanted to transfer have had to go through a lot of hoops to end up a the school they wish to attend.

It got a little easier this week as the NCAA changed some of the rules.

Athletes will no longer need permission from their coach or school to transfer and receive financial aid from another school. But even with the change, conferences could still restrict athletes from transferring within their own conference.

The NCAA Division I Council approved the change effective Oct. 15 on Wednesday.

This has been a big issue in the NCAA for years and a change the change to the rule was relatively minor, but will have major effects.

Under the rules currently, an athlete must ask a coach for permission to contact other schools. A school interested in recruiting a transferring player also must ask the current school for permission to recruit. Without permission, the athlete cannot get financial aid from another school, which has led to schools basically blocking a transfer.

Now, athletes could be contacted once they are on an NCAA database that will let schools know who is looking to transfer. The NCAA said stricter tampering rules will be enforced with the change.