National High School Champions Named in September Issue of Swimming World Magazine

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 11. THIS year's national high school champions are named in the upcoming issue of Swimming World Magazine.

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Brian Savard writes about the winner of the boys' title, while managing editor Jason Marsteller features the winner of the girls' crown in the World Swimming section. Marsteller also recaps the FINA World Youth Championships. Cristina Kessler writes about the Beach-to-Beach Power Swim, while senior writer John Lohn's Olympic highlights will be provided in the print edition.

Lohn's entire day-by-day recap of the 2008 Olympic Games, already shaping up to be the greatest meet in the history of the sport, will be available to premium members only as part of a special digital offering as part of the September digital download. His full recap will then be available in print in the October issue.

In SWIM, Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen writes about the Freestyle Arm Recovery in The Pool's Edge, while Wayne Goldsmith checks in with a set of Lunchtime Workouts. Emily Sample profiles Lane Leader Tim Shead, while Kathleen Woolf and Amber R. Brown cover the based on energy drinks in Health Waves. Brian Stack also provides a taper week workout card.

In Swimming Technique, Michael J. Stott offers several strong entries. Stott interviews coach Mark Gole of Truman State, while looking at how Kate Aherne of Truman State trains. Stott also interviews several top coaches on how to prepare for a big mid-season dual meet. Dr. Daniel Carl goes in-depth on goal setting.

In Junior Swimmer, Lia Neal is profiled as a National Age Group Record Setter, while Matthew Lause is named the TYR Age Group Swimmer of the Month. Judy Jacob also looks around the country in Speedo American Relay, while Goldsmith is back with 50 things you can do to recover.