More Photos from David Salo

Here are some of the photos Assistant Olympic Women's Coach, David Salo, took during the training camp in Pasadena, and leading into the Olympics.

Swimmers at the Zoo

Stitts poses.

Stitts, Hyman, Shealy.

Stitts and fan in Pasadena.

Shealy, Stitts, Koala, and Trainer.

Michael Phelps takes a drink.

Petting a Koala - 2.

Petting a Koala.

Pasadena Pool.

Coach David Marsh and Ed Moses.


A fuzzy koala.

A lazy kangaroo.

Kangaroo face.


Post Workout Jacuzzi party.

Icing Shoulders in the Jacuzzi.

US guys hanging on the balcony at the Olympic Village.