More College Programs on the Way

FRESNO, California, December 15. A few days after St. Andrews Presbyterian College (N.C.) added swimming programs, two more schools are jumping in the pool. Fresno Pacific University (Calif.) and Mars Hill College (N.C.) have announced that they'll be adding programs for the 2007-08 campaign. Fresno Pacific is adding men's and women's programs and Mars Hill will add a men's squad. Fresno is also initiating water-polo teams.

Fresno Pacific is an NAIA school, but Athletic Director Dennis Janzen indicated that the program will schedule meets with NCAA-member schools. In a state that produces top-flight talent on a yearly basis, Fresno Pacific is in position to flourish quickly. The school will eventually appoint one coach for swimming and one coach for water polo.

The women's coach at Mars Hill, Teddy Guyer will also become the men's coach when the program gets off the ground. The women's team had an 8-1 season last year. At St. Andrews, another North Carolina university, Jason Gallagher has been named the first coach in school history. Gallagher has spent the last four years at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.