More Bad News from Rio: Body Parts Wash Ashore on Copacabana Beach

Photo Courtesy: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports


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With 36 days left to the Rio Olympics, the last thing anyone wants to hear is more bad news surrounding the event. Stop here if you don’t want to be disappointed.

First, some background: several weeks ago, news sites caught word that the Olympic open water venues are contaminated with bacteria and trash. Athletes have complained that these waters cause them to break out in disease. Several countries have taken extra precautions, including the US rowing team wearing antimicrobial suits during competition.

On Thursday, news broke that Brazil removed its highest antidoping official. This was in the wake of international officials suspending Rio’s testing facility, which lead to serious suspicion and questioning about efforts to keep the Games clean.

Now, it is reported that human body parts were found washed up on Rio’s famed Copacabana beach, meters from the beach volleyball competition site. This, in addition to Rio’s continual money woes, requested federal bailout, and frustration over government workers’ – including police and fire – unpaid wages means that Rio is in crisis management mode leading up to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies August 5th.