Missy Franklin’s Cameo in The Internship Cut From Theatrical Release

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 7. MISSY Franklin's filmed cameo in the big-budget comedy The Internship will not be seen as the Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson movie premieres today, Swimming World has confirmed.

Franklin filmed a short scene with Vaughn and Wilson last September in California, deferring payment for her appearance in the PG-13-rated film as she weighed her options regarding participating in collegiate athletics. (Franklin committed to compete for the California Golden Bears in October.)

As typically happens with feature films, the producers of the Twentieth Century Fox comedy had more footage in the can than was needed for the film, which runs 119 minutes. According to Franklin's mother, DA, the first cut of the film was 90 minutes over the planned running time, so more than Franklin's scene was sliced to whittle the movie down to what is currently unspooling nationwide.

The scene Franklin filmed had her running into Vaughn and Wilson at the Google headquarters where the two comedians are working as unpaid interns after losing their jobs. As you can tell in the above photo, Vaughn and Wilson apparently met Franklin after falling into a pool while fully clothed — not the way one would want to meet an Olympic champion, whether in a real or fictional situation.