Missy Franklin Had Double Shoulder Surgery; Out of Competition Indefinitely

Photo Courtesy: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Five-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin underwent double shoulder surgery this year after she was diagnosed with bursitis in January. Franklin posted to her Twitter page that she is currently recovering and has already begun swimming again, but she is not ready to return to competition “just yet.”

Franklin has not competed since the Olympic Games this summer, where she failed to make the final in either the 200 free or 200 back. She did win a gold medal after contributing a prelims leg to the U.S. 800 free relay. After Rio, she returned to Cal-Berkeley and began training with the men’s team under coach Dave Durden.

She wrote in the note that she had been dealing with shoulder pain since last year, but MRIs in January helped doctors diagnose the bursitis.

Franklin did not specify in the post when she might be returning to competitive action. A spokesperson for Franklin indicated that, as of right now, there is no timeline for her return as the focus is simply on recovery.


    • Nori Castro

      Tú me quieres mataaar de angustiaaaa.

  1. Joseph Sill

    Get well soon.. we need you.

  2. John Razi

    Guts!!! Mega-heart!!!

  3. Wyatt Fate

    Thank god. The sport is better with out her

    • Joshua Udermann

      Wow you are sick, unnecessary cruel comment. Have some compassion.

    • Wyatt Fate

      sorry I don’t have compassion for people who treat there fans like dirt. She could have been diagnosed with cancer and I’d still say the same thing

    • Maggie Hunt

      Seriously??? Missy is one of the most gracious and kind swimmers out there. Maybe she was having and day the day she pissed you off. She is human after all. Go crawl under a rock!

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Wow…. what a nasty person you must be. Careful now Karma is a bitch?

    • Wyatt Fate

      Ohhh I’m gonna add time at a meet. Like I’ve never done that before and my shoulders are already messed up so I don’t have to worry about that

    • Michelle Neidert

      Wow… you hit below the belt! Not cool! She is an amazing swimmer and kind person. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

    • Wyatt Fate

      Well looks like Im gonna go with option number 2 and keep my mouth open and not listen to some random person on the internet

    • Daniel Bradford

      What she do? Turn you down on a date and the butthurt is flowing through you now? She is one of the most respectful athletes I have ever met. She would allow every single one of our young swimmers take a picture and get an autograph whenever they asked.

  4. Jon Kristoffer

    She’ll be back?Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  5. Ann Goodman

    Wow. Had no idea. Get well soon!

  6. OUCH!!! I had 1 done and swore I would never ever do it again. Best wishes on a full recovery!

  7. Michelle Neidert

    Wishing a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you back in competition. Stay strong and positive!!!

  8. Jerome Moerman

    Missy, you’re down but not out. Not by a long shot. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  9. Walt Nikle

    Oh my gosh Missy. Hope the healing process is fast.

  10. JD Abercrombie

    SwimSwam saying she’s already back in the pool after the surgeries.

  11. Rich Davis

    She’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever seen. Hopefully she’ll bounce back and thrill us once again with some amazing swims.

  12. Jennifer Landry

    Stay strong and have faith for what God has planned for you!

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    Ann Cooper

    All the best Missy! Get well soon ?

  14. Janet Johnson

    Heal well, dear lady. I enjoyed reading your book and know that you will face this current obstacle with the same strength, determination and grace that has gotten you this far in life.

  15. Jaroslaw Stachowicz

    Compiting isn’t everything. I use to swim in sling once upon (a time ).

  16. Eva Sosa

    Carolina Neurouth

  17. avatar

    Good luck for a speedy recovery, Missy!

    (Wayne No-Mark – you are worthless)

  18. Bethany A Olson

    Missy, sending you many prayers for healing! You are an inspiration to so many young athletes!

  19. Keep your chin up …you have nothing to prove to anybody. You are a champion. Champions always rise up! Take care of yourself.

  20. Carley Whittier

    Karen Karen Bahr Anderson look she’s hurt too!!

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    hiren patel

    Missy Franklin I am waiting for more than win gold match in Tokyo Olympic…..???

  22. Lisa Larisch Phillips

    You’re always our #1❤Gal here in Colorado. Sending all our positivity & support!

    • Meghan Swirzcki

      Ya I read her post on insta! I think she’ll be back

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    Michael Maloney

    I love her Spirit..but this is bad bad bad…when you’re down and have hit rock bottom..you need one thing to drag you back up…Hope..right but now 2 times shoulder surgery…gonna miss nats and worlds..the 2 meets this year that could of brought her back from the Olympic depression…I hope she makes it..but it just keeps piling on…afraid she’s going to break…just sad

  24. Andrea Fleur McGrath

    Oh sorry! Get well soon! Shoulder surgery is so sucky! Sorry! I hope you heal quickly!