Michael Phelps to Play Minor League Baseball; Signs with Arizona Diamondbacks

Photo Courtesy: Charlie Neibergall / AP & USA Today

By Reginald Dunwoody.

In a move that can only be described as shocking, Michael Phelps announced via his Myspace page that he has signed a contract to play minor league baseball with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

Phelps will report to the Diamondbacks Single-A affiliate, the Visalia Rawhide in California, at the conclusion of spring training.

When reached for comment, Phelps responded:

“I was looking for a new challenge, and the Diamondbacks asked if this was something I would be interested in. I see what Tim Tebow is doing with the (New York) Mets organization, and it really inspired me to give this a shot.”

Tebow, the former NFL quarterback, recently joined the Mets organization.

Phelps added:

“I grew up idolizing guys like (Baltimore Orioles players) Cal Ripkin and Matt Nokes, so the fact I can follow in their footsteps is a dream come true. Also, the Diamondbacks have a pool in center field, so when I make the Big Show, I’ll be able to warm down after the game.”

The Diamondbacks for their part have struggled recently to be competitive and have taken an “outside-the-box” approach to statistical analytics and talent acquisition.

“Michael lives pretty close to our Spring Training facility in Arizona,” Diamondbacks President & CEO Derrick Hall said. “We would just see him hanging out around the facility, looking bored, and I thought, why not? Just looking at Michael’s golf swing, you can tell he’ll be a natural with a bat.

“How many baseball players have 23 gold medals?  He’s got more hardware than our entire clubhouse combined,” Hall added.

No word yet on what position the Diamondbacks expect Phelps to play.

“This is certainly not what I was expecting to do this April!” Phelps said.

“I just hope I don’t make a fool of myself.”

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  1. Jeff Salomon

    Made me go on a fake news verification hunt.

  2. Scott Richardson

    Gawd I hate Aprils fools day. It would be one thing to actually write a convincing article. Try not to let the interns write anymore.

  3. avatar

    April Fool!

  4. Christopher Albert

    Most shocking would be if he really had a MySpace account.

  5. Chris Feinthel

    I only expect this type of nonsense from Ryan Lochte

  6. J.d. Garza

    I like that Visalia Rawhide was in this! ?
    Had me for a second…

  7. Sammi Brach

    Carly Haller the man does everything ???

  8. Jenny Callen

    I don’t like the idea that he is doing this

  9. Jaroslaw Stachowicz

    me too, but i’m gonna be playing with mumified aztec’s arm and clrital ball

  10. Kim Kessler

    This has to be an April Fools joke! He is def not a land animal.

    • Cindy Sater

      Ohhhhhh!!! For some reason I wouldn’t be surprised if he really did that!

    • Rachel Zhao

      I’m not that gullible smh NICE TRY better luck next time

  11. Asuka Forest

    I was going to say what’d be shocking is that Michale Phelps is a cyborg, but then I thought I’d probably be “oh that makes sense”.

  12. Tara Mack

    I thought this was interesting. ?

  13. Dave Hoover

    …”he hopes not to make a FOOL of himself” is a give away.

  14. Corina Simms

    I love swimming! I love baseball! I love what Phelps does in a pool, but I do not even like the visual of him on a baseball field at this point. However, if that was his sport of choice during high school, he probably could have been a beast at pitching with those arms and wing span or hit more than a few out of the park!

  15. Kim Nonato

    Swimmers can’t catch a ball

    • Brett Davies

      You are very mistaken by that my friend in order to acheive what he has you first have to be very athletic and part of a swimmersdry land workouts is throwing and catching of balls

  16. avatar
    Bill Bell

    Isn’t Katie Ledecky quitting swimming to play wide receiver on the Cardinal football team. Oops, I mean Simone Manuel. Ledecky is going to be goalie this spring on Stanford water polo squad.

  17. Kady Dalbey Gaines

    Oh my gosh!! I was like if he was going to be this close to me. I’m getting him to come visit my swim team!

  18. Chad Van Laanen

    He may knock himself out if he loosens his shoulders, while holding a bat, the way he did before races.

  19. Chris Jaynes

    Good one. Who even has a MySpace account anymore?

  20. Irving Teh

    Yoon Sung Justinnononono pls no ???

  21. Shannon McCabe

    I would have believed it if you’d said he’s joining the golf tour… ?