Michael Phelps Discusses First “Home Meet” In Years And Upcoming Fatherhood, (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

Michael Phelps
Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

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The Mesa stop of the 2016 Arena Pro Series runs this weekend from the 14th-16th, but before the racing begins a few of the top athletes competing took time to stop and talk to the media.

Among the athletes taking the time to talk to the media was Michael Phelps, who didn’t have very far to travel after last summer’s relocation to Arizona State along with coach Bob Bowman. 

One of the many topics discussed at the press conference was the upcoming birth of Phelps and fiance, Nicole Johnson’s, first child due in approximately one month.

We understand each other even more now than we ever did before…It’s becoming more and more realistic the closer we get. She is starting to show more and more every day…it’s coming down to almost about a month away so it’ll be here before we know it. I remember the first ultrasound we went to and it literally looked like this little tiny thing in there and now it’s like we’ve gone and can see every bone in its body…It’s been pretty amazing to watch…We’re looking forward to it. 

When asked about his expectations for this weekend and the Rio Olympics”

Whatever I get out of this meet I know that I’m going into six weeks of altitude where historically I’ve been pretty decent up there. It’s kind of our final preparation for Olympic Trials…I’m not looking forward to Rio right now because none of us are on the team. We all have to qualify the same exact way…and the end of June we’ll all be stepping up on the blocks together and fighting for a chance to represent our country. 

Watch the full press conference here: