Michael Andrew Answers Your Questions About the ISL and Racing in Budapest


Swimming World provided the opportunity for its Instagram followers to ask Michael Andrew questions about the International Swimming League (ISL). Hear what the New York Breakers superstar has to say about racing in Budapest, Hungary.

Q: How many times have you been COVID tested while in Budapest?

MA: I believe [my test on November 3rd] was #8. We get tested every couple of days.


Q: Favorite stroke?

MA: My favorite stroke right now is probably breaststroke. I’ve been swimming the fastest in my breaststroke. My butterfly was pretty good this past week as well. But other than that, I swim all four strokes, so I love all four. But right now I’m enjoying breaststroke the most.


Q: How do you like the skins races compared to traditional racing?

MA: It definitely hurts A LOT MORE! I love how challenging the skins are. It requires a different way of training and that to me is exciting because it makes us re-evaluate some things. Keeps us thinking. 


Q: Has Budapest been one of your favorite places to race?

MA: The Duna Arena is one of my all-time favorite places to race! Always love coming to Budapest! A super rad city as well!


Q: What’s your favorite thing about the ISL?

MA: My favorite thing about the ISL, specifically this year, is the fact that it’s an opportunity to race, which is huge. But I also love the viewership and attention it gets from people who aren’t one hundred percent in the swimming world. It brings in eyes, it brings in sponsors.


Q: Who came up with the dance ideas?

MA: So for one of our team nights, we actually ended up watching the movie Dodgeball and after we saw Globo Gym walking out doing the cobra dance, all of us collectively just knew “this is what we have to do for out relay walkout”. 


Q: How do you get into the ISL, are there certain time standards?

MA: There are no time standards to get into the ISL. All you need to do is be swimming fast enough for a team to recognize you, sign you as an athlete, and then you race in the season. The faster you are, the greater chance you have to be on the team. 


Q: Favorite moment in the ISL so far and what are you looking forward to the most?

MA: My favorite moments are the times I get to spend with my teammates. I don’t get to race often with teammates, and I love all the game nights/movie nights. Spending time with my friends all the time has been really exciting, and then getting to race alongside them. 


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