Mental Training for Swimmers Made Simple (Finally)

Mental Training for Swimmers

When you think about your swimming and your goals it’s usually in terms of physical and measurable things…

  • I wanna be faster than the competition…
  • I wanna drop four seconds off my PB…
  • I wanna be a faster underwater dolphin kicker…

And while we direct our efforts at training harder and better each day, we kinda let the mental aspect of the sport fall by the wayside.

At least, until things start going wrong…

The big meet is on the horizon, and we start feeling doubt in our training.

We get so caught up in what others think that it ends up affecting how we perform.

We worry so much about the possibility of failing that we pull our punches in training.

Or, we get frustrated when things go wrong and give up far short of the effort necessary to achieve our goals.

These mental hang-ups seem like they are out of our control.

That being tough mentally is something you have…or you don’t.

And because we don’t understand why we react to certain things in certain ways we figure, “What’s the point, bro?”

The reality is this:

If you want to train faster and more consistently…

If you want to step up on the block with confidence…

And if you want to swim like a chlorinated gangster this season you need to start working on your mindset.

Mental training made simple.

As someone who struggled with his own fair share of mental struggles I feel ya.

I was that classic motivational yo-yo as an age group swimmer.

On days where things went great, I was over the chlorinated moon. On days where things went not great…well, you can guess.

Being consistently motivated was a struggle for me because I was obsessed with the outcome and the results.

It took me a long, long time to figure out that there was a better way to do things in the water.

We both know that sinking feeling of racing your little heart out, hitting the touch-pad, looking up at the scoreboard and seeing a disappointing result.

It’s like a cannonball gets dropped in your stomach.

That awful stomach-churning of working your butt off in practice, and then not having the results to show for it when it mattered most is one of the main reasons that I wrote Conquer the Pool.

But the main goal?

To make mental training simple and clear.

After all, when you think back to your best performances in the pool, what was the thing you were experiencing alongside confidence?

It was clarity.

And that’s where this book will help you crush it this year.

Conquer the Pool Guide

Conquer the Pool Guide Photo Courtesy: Conquer the Pool

Some other fun facts about this bad boy:

Conquer the Pool was written with the input of 200+ NCAA and USA Swimming head coaches, Olympians and NCAA champions.

The book is broken down into three distinct sections…

The first part is where you will put together some killer goals for your swimming.

In the second part, you will open up a whole can of proven and poewrful tips, strategies and techniques for destroying your swim practices.

And in the third, the one you are probably going to be most interested in, how to put everything together mentally on race day so that you perform your best when it matters most.

Each section comes with a series of worksheets so that you are putting the information to use in service of your goals in the pool.

Conquer the Pool Guide Page

Conquer the Pool Guide Page Photo Courtesy: Conquer the Pool


Here’s what Michael Chapman, head coach of the Boonville Dolphins Swim Team, had to say about the book:

“I am currently using the book with my senior group. I love how it is written conversationally, but what takes the book to the next level are the interactive worksheets included. These allow swimmers to reflect and respond on a personal level to specific issues dealing with the mental aspects of swimming.”

Elite swimmers work their mindset…do you?

There are countless swimmers, including Olympic gold medalists, NCAA champions and countless others, who are using this book today to help them reach their goals.

Teams using the book include the University of Notre Dame, Auburn University, London Aquatic Club, UBC Thunderbirds, Trident Aquatics, Indiana Hoosiers Swimming, Chatham Y Sharks Swim Team, Peters Township Swim Club, Shaker Heights Swimming, and a whole bunch more.

Conquer the Pool Club Logos

Conquer the Pool Club Logos Photo Courtesy: Conquer the Pool

(If you are interested in picking up a team order of Conquer the Pool, we do that. Team orders come with a sweet little discount and we can put your club logo on the cover of the book. Click here for more info on that.)

Everything in the book is broken down so that you can easily digest everything I’m throwing at you.

It was important to me that anyone could read this book and take away some career-changing information and knowledge.

Additionally, if you’ve read my work before, you know that while I am seriously passionate about this stuff, I’m also down to have a good time with it.

Getting hysterically better should be fun, after all!

“You are very insightful and present the material in a highly effective manner. It is the best (only real) product for helping kids through the mental side of the sport. Thank you for what you are doing for the sport and for young athletes.” – Don Heidary, co-head coach, Orinda Aquatics

“This is the best book I have ever seen concerning mental training.” – Ray Benecki, head coach, FISH Swim Team

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the swimmer in your life…

Or you want to simply gift yourself a better mindset for 2020 and beyond…

Take a look at Conquer the Pool.

While it might not be for everyone…

It just might be for you.

Click here to learn more about Conquer the Pool.


The above press release was posted by Swimming World in conjunction with Conquer the Pool. For press releases and advertising inquiries please contact


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