McCaffreyCap: Jan. 28th, 2011

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 28. YOU've found the McCaffreyCap where we try to find a lighter look at recent swimming stories. In the rundown we're talking shake ups in college swimming, some turmoil down in Texas, a long list of possible comebacks, an unbelievable record setting swim, and when going green goes grave. Take your mark.

It is the peak of the college swimming duel meet season, and last weekend there were some great matchups. Auburn continued its winning ways beating Florida and Cal and Stanford sweep through Arizona, beating both Sun Devils and the Wildcats. SwimmingWorld.TV brought you both duel meets from Tempe, so after you watch the cap go check it out. The new coaches poll is out and Auburn's winning ways are getting noticed with the men's and women's teams climbing the rankings. The men moving up from 6th to 3rd and the women moving from 12th to 5th. After their first win in Tucson since 2006 the Cal men jumped from 4th to 1st swapping spot with defending champs from Texas who fell from 1st to 4th. I don't think the Longhorns should take their fall too seriously.

The program has bigger issues to worry about. Their legendary leader Eddie Reese had heart surgery, three of the post grads are relocating to Southern California, and last week we learned their most decorated Olympian Aaron Peirsol hasn't been in the pool since last summer. No need to panic, there is good new out of Austin, the other two members of the golden tripod Brendan Hansen and Ian Crocker are supposedly dabbling in the waters at the Lee and Joe Jamail Aquatic Center, once again.

I guess its that now or never time in the Olympic cycle, so lets start the comeback conversation. This week's poll of the week, which Olympian is most likely to come off their extended break from the competition pool and medal in London? Ed Moses, Janet Evans, Brendon Hansen, Laure Manaudou, Anthony Ervin, Libby Trickett, Ian Thorpe, Ian Crocker, or Aaron Peirsol? Personally I'm still holding out for Melvin Stewart.

This week on the morning swim show we talked to masters world record holder Laura Val about her incredible record setting swim where she broke the 60-64 year old world records in 6 events in one race. Val managed to break the 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, meter records all on her way to the record in the 1500. Unbelievable. And like all unbelievable athletic feats in this day and age Morning Swim Show host Peter Busch had to ask… Is nothing sacred anymore?

Earlier this week we reported on Streamlined News a story about a small town in England that is considering heating the local pool with the heat from the local crematorium. The move would save the city 14 thousand Euros and put new meaning to the idea of dying at the end of a tough set. Local protesters call it "eerie and bizarre". I don't know what he big deal is, any real swimmer will tell you there are days they feel like death in the pool. It may be awkward the first time trash talk includes creaming a competitor, but really coaches ask swimmers all the time to put their heart and soul into the pool. Think we beat this story to death yet?

We're going to stop the clock there on this week's show, and remember that's just one mans recap.