Max Miranda Claims Two Wins During Night One of 2016 CeraVe Invitational

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

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Commentary and Recap by Edison Moy, Swimming World Intern 2016 CeraVe Invitational

A series of eight final events were swum on the first night of the 2016 CeraVe Invitational, Berkeley Aquatic Club’s 24th Annual Winter LCS Meet. The night held its share of upsets, broken meet records, and well contested sprints exciting to the final touch. Unsurprisingly, whistling coaches and fans pierced the calming atmosphere of lightly splashing water, often interrupted by the ringing of cowbells and unique cheers from each team. Aside from the overwhelming fog of sounds, the meet was held in Rutger’s Sonny Werblin Recreation Center, boasting an eight lane LCS pool, two warm-up/cool-down pools, and its 1000 seat crowd bleachers, 400 of which are comfortably backed stadium chairs.

The night started with the Women’s Senior 800-Meter Freestyle, where Karlee Carminati (GAAC) won the event with a final time of 8:52.36. Selah Peacock (NBAC) took second place with a time of 8:55.38 and Erica Wirth (JW) came in third with 8:56.88.

Next up were the senior men in the 800-Meter Freestyle. Billy Cadigan (NBAC) came in first with a time of 8:23.41. Second went to CJ Arena (LIAC) with a time of 8:27.12 and third was Eric Culver (BAD) with a time of 8:31.61.

Maggie Areosty (LIAC) finished first in the women’s 100-Meter breaststroke with a time of 1:10.55, swimming with a time that falls within the 1:11.49 Olympic Trials minimum. Olivia Paoletti (Delaware Swim Team) took second with a time of 1:12.54 and Carly Cummings (BAD) came in third with 1:13.06.

Event four, the men’s 100-Meter breaststroke was won by Matthew Otto (Delaware Swim Team) with a time of 1:04.67. Ryan Brown (LIAC) turned in a time of 1:06.12 for second, while third went to Connor Doyle (EEX) with a time of 1:06.75.

Cara Treble (LIAC) took first in the women’s 200-Meter freestyle with a time of 2:05.07. In second came Erin Voss (Greater Holyoke YMCA Vikings) with a final time of 2:05.32, while Krystal Lara (Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics) finished third with a time of 2:05.45.

Max Miranda (Bluefish Swim Club) won his first event of the night in the men’s 200-Meter freestyle with a time of 1:52.09. Jack McIntyre (EEX) took second place with a time of 1:56.64 and in third came Cadigan with a time of 1:57.25.

Miranda grabbed his second win in the men’s 200-Meter IM with a time of 2:06.53. In second came Doyle with 2:07.79 and Stewart came in third with a time of 2:11.09.

Lauryn Johnson (LIAC) claimed a narrow victory in the women’s 100-Meter butterfly, finishing only .02 seconds ahead of the competition with a time of 1:02.16. Alex Sumner (SSC) finished close behind with 1:02.18, while Lara took third with a 1:02.52.

The men’s 100-Meter butterfly went to Jake Johnson (Delaware Swim Team) and his final time of 54.96. His time beat the previous meet record of 55.08. In second came Miranda (Bluefish Swim Club) with a time of 57.65 and Coleman Stewart (NBAC) was third with a 57.82.

Aroesty dashed to her second win of the night in the women’s 200-Meter IM with a time of 2:17.91. In second came Isabel Gormley (Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics) finishing with a time of 2:20.89 and in third, Paoletti with a time of 2:21.04.

Members Aroesty, Kristen Romano, Annabelle Corcoran and Treble of the Long Island Aquatic Club took first place in the women’s 800-Meter freestyle relay with a time of 8:29.11. In second came Badger Swim Club with a time of 8:34.59, while North Baltimore Aquatic Club took third with a time of 8:41.50.

The final event of the night was the men’s 800-Meter Freestyle Relay. The men of Easter Express, Doyle, Collin Hanlon, McIntyre and Jacob Lubinski, finished with a time of 7:52.02. The Bluefish Swim Club took second with a time of 7:54.96 and in third was North Baltimore Aquatic Club with 7:59.02.

An exciting two hours of constant battle between swimmers filled Werblin Center during the first night of the meet. Loud cheers of parents and coaches are only faint memories; instead the hum of the pool drowns out any sound. Memories of broken records and back-breaking victories were created here today, and the thrill of this meet has just begun.

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