Marriott USMS Summer Nationals: 14 USMS, 10 World Records Fall on Day Three

OMAHA, Nebraska, July 8. A total of 24 records fell during the third day of racing in Omaha on Saturday. It was a great day to be a 50m backstroker or 200m breaststroker, as all but two of the records fell in those events.

Women's 25-29 200m Breast
Britta O'Leary, 28, AWJ; 2:39.40 (USMS)
*Previous record 2:42.96, Britta O'Leary

Men's 30-34 200m Breast
Gary Marshall, 30, TOC; 2:18.04 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 2:19.67, Ed Moses

Men's 40-44 200m Breast
Steve West, 40, NOVA; 2:19.01 (USMS)
*Previous record 2:19.07, Steve West

Men's 50-54 200m Breast
David Guthrie, 52, TXLA; 2:32.68 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 2:36.85, David Guthrie; previous world record 2:35.08, Lorenzo Marugo

Men's 60-64 200m Breast
Rick Colella, 61, PNA; 2:42.84 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 2:50.44, Allen Stark; previous world record 2:46.46, Timothy Shead

Men's 65-69 200m Breast
Robert Strand, 66, ROSE; 2:58.13 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 2:59.54, Kenneth Frost

Women's 45-49 50m Back
Ellen Reynolds, 48, SAWS; 31.71 (tied USMS and world record)
*Previous records 31.71, Ellen Reynolds/Jenkins

Women's 50-54 50m Back
Leslie Livingston, 51, GMUP; 32.43 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 32.55, Leslie Livingston

Women's 60-64 50m Back
Laura Val, 61, TAM; 34.30 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 34.41, Laura Val

Women's 70-74 50m Back
Joy Ward, 70, OREG; 42.08 (USMS)
*Previous record 42.09, Joy Ward

Women's 85-89 50m Back
Betty Lorenzi, 85, FACT; 51.81 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 52.71, Betty Lorenzi; previous world record 53.44, Bunny Cederland

Men's 30-34 50m Back
Kevin Doak, 31, MICH; 26.42 (USMS)
*Previous record 26.59, Derya Buyukuncu

Men's 65-69 50m Back
Hugh Wilder, 65, SRM; 30.95 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 32.19, Richard Burns

Women's 240-279 200m Medley Relay
PNA (Stella Preissler, Lisa Dahl, Charlotte Davis, Suzanne Dills); 2:29.28 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 2:33.52, San Diego; previous world record 2:29.91, Spencer Swim Team