Many Multiple Medalists at Belgium National Championships in Antwerp

ANTWERP, Belgium, August 6. WHILE many of the world's best were battling either in Indianapolis at the USA Swimming National Championships or the Paris Open in France, Belgium's own put on a show at the Belgium National Championships held in Antwerp from Aug. 2-5.

The entire meet seemed to be dominated by just a handful of swimmers in both the men's and women's ranks, as most of the medals were awarded as part of doubles and even triples.

For the women, Elise Matthysen swept the breaststroke events with wins in the 50 (33.06), 100 (1:11.54) and 200 (2:35.86), while Griet Buelens claimed the 800 (8:58.81) and 1500 (17:10.25) free as well as the 200 fly (2:16.86). Kimberly Buys provided the other female triple with triumphs in the 50 (26.83) and 100 (59.71) fly as well as the 200 IM (2:21.92).

Meanwhile, Bruno Claeys owned the backstroke with first touches in the 50 (26.26), 100 (56.39) and 200 (2:04.28) as the lone men's triple.

Emily Vavourakis earned the title of sprint queen with wins in the 50 (25.96) and 100 (56.77) free, while Silke Van Hoof topped the 50 (30.64) and 100 (1:05.13) back to account for the rest of the women's multiple wins.

Yoris Grandjean also garnered victories in the 50 (23.12) and 100 (50.77) free for the men, while Mathieu Fonteyn grabbed the 100 (53.86) and 200 (1:59.99) fly. Alan De Buyst gave the men their other double with the grueling tandem of the 1500 free (16:32.99) and 400 IM (4:40.16).

Tatiana Fedrigo in the 400 IM (5:01.80), Kim Caluwerts in the 200 free (2:04.02), Sascha van den Branden in the 400 free (4:23.38) and Elodie Vanhamme in the 200 back (2:20.15) took home the rest of the women's titles.

For the men, Bjorn Ballie in the 200 breast (2:20.36), Glenn Surgeloose in the 200 free (1:49.43), Julien Hanot in the 50 breast (30.17), Wim Goris in the 200 IM (2:06.38), Stef Verachten in the 400 free (4:01.06), Pierre-Antoine Meunier in the 100 breast (1:05.65) and Francois Heersbrandt in the 50 fly (24.66) snagged individual crowns.