Manchester Releases Artist Renderings for 2008 World Short Course Championships

MANCHESTER, England, February 13. IN a press release recently distributed, organizers of the 2008 World Short Course Championships to be held in Manchester, England provided design elements of the M.E.N. Arena.

Here is the full press release:

The main pool will be a competition standard pool where all the action will take place with 8000 seats surrounding it. A second pool will be behind a curtain, invisible to the general public and will be for the athletes to warm up before they race and swim down after the race. Astrapool, partner to the World Swimming Championships, are the company behind the pools' construction and United Utilities, supplier to the World Swimming Championships are assisting with the supply and removal of water.

John Knight, General Manager for the M.E.N. Arena exclaimed;

"We're very excited by the challenge of turning the M.E.N. Arena, renowned as an international live music venue, into a World class swimming arena. We've never attempted anything like this before and the project is capturing the imagination of public and staff alike. The next couple of months are going to be extremely thrilling for everyone involved and we're looking forward to adding a touch of rock and roll to the proceedings".

Bringing 3 firsts to the city; the 5 day event will be the first World Swimming Championship of its kind to ever be staged in the UK and with 800 athletes from 130 different countries confirming their entry so far this event is set to be the biggest World Swimming Championships ever! The Manchester Evening News Arena will be the first music and entertainment venue in the UK to host competitive swimming.

Head of PR, 5 Times World Swimming Champion and Mancunian James Hickman says "It's absolutely amazing to think there will soon be two massive swimming pools in the M.E.N. Arena. I've been visiting the arena to attend huge concerts for years and recently saw Take That there so to think the athletes will soon be walking in the footsteps of pop stars is fantastic – what an experience! The atmosphere will be electric. I'm just gutted I'm not swimming anymore!"

2008 MEN Arena

2008 MEN Arena

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