Listen To The Ultimate Swimmer Podcast Featuring 1976 Olympian Jill Sterkel


By: Noah Yanchulis

Josh Davis, Host of the Ultimate Swimmer Podcast, had the honor and privilege to interview the great Jill Sterkel about her life in and around swimming. She was able to provide so much insight and so many captivating stories about what it really takes to become the best at whatever it is you do. Below are a few of the highlights from the episode, we hope you enjoy!

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1. At age 15 in 1976, Jill Sterkel qualified for her first Olympic Team in the 100 and 200 Freestyle. Trials were held in Long Beach, California and her coach found her playing in the sand just minutes before her finals swim.

2. At the Montreal Games in ’76 Jill Sterkel along with Kim Peyton, Wendy Boglioli, and Shirley Babashoff completed one of the most unpredictable wins in Olympic history by defeating the East German’s in the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay. Jill split a lifetime best 55.78 after swimming 57.1, just two days prior to secure the win for the American’s.

3. Jill attended the University of Texas where she quickly became one of the premier swimmers in the country and was recognized as the Most Outstanding College Female Swimmer in 1980 and 1981.

4. On Jill’s first day of practice at Texas, Head Coach Paul Bergen made the team run nearly five miles to and from the local golf course. Jill says that Coach Bergen was known for his crazy dryland routines were challenging, but made the team tough both mentally and physically.

5. When highlighting a down-to-the-wire meet against Stanford during her college career, Jill remembers her teammates and the crowd willing her to another incredible relay swim. Anchoring next to the great Stanford swimmer, Kim Carlisle, Jill was more than two body lengths behind going into the final leg before setting off a blistering anchor split to touch first for Texas. In her words, “a relay like that sums up collegiate swimming; It is all about great camaraderie and truly is a team sport.”

6. After missing the 1980 Olympic Games because of the boycott, Jill headed into 1984 Olympic Trials at the top of her game. At trials Jill was too comfortable and too cocky and ended up only making the Olympic team as an alternate, but knew that she could not let her bad swims affect her ability to support and cheer on her teammates.

7. After retiring from swimming in 1984, Jill suffered a knee injury some time later and was forced to get back into the water as part of her rehab from her surgery. Being back in the water re-inspired her and she began progressing quickly as she began to swim more. During this time she was coaching at the University of Texas and knew in order to make the ’88 Olympic Team she would have to train and coach simultaneously. So, she did and she went on to qualify and place 3rd in both the 50 Freestyle and 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay.

8. Stories like the ones highlighted above and many more can be found in the full episode of our interview with Jill Sterkel; including a recounting of her coaching career where she worked alongside the likes of Richard Quick, Mark Schubert, Jack Roach, Paul Bergen, and Eddie Reese.

You don’t become better than someone else just by being better in a sport. There is more to an athlete than their athletic ability. We sell ourselves short as athletes when we want to transition to a traditional career after retirement.” – Jill Sterkel

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