“Know My Name – Chanel Miller”: Brock Turner’s Victim Reveals Her Name Ahead Of Memoir

brock turner chanel miller
Brock Turner (main image, courtesy Greene County Sheriff's Office) - and the book "Know My Name" by victim Chanel Miller to be published by Viking on September 24, 2019

“Know My Name – Chanel Miller”

The woman who was sexually assaulted by former Stanford University student and swimmer Brock Turner has revealed her real name for the first time ahead of publication of her story under the title: “Know My Name – Chanel Miller”.

Known during her legal proceedings as Emily Doe – the term used for victims who cannot be identified for legal reasons – Chanel Miller “reclaims her identity to tell her story of trauma, transcendence, and the power of words”, in her book, according to Viking, the publisher, ahead of the work’s release on September 24.

In 2016, Turner was found guilty of sexually assaulting Miller outside a fraternity party in 2015. Last the time, County judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to just six months in jail, despite a potential for a sentence of 14 years.

Persky believed that Turner was “remorseful” even though the former swimmer never admitted guilt in raping Miller. Turner ended up serving three of the six months. Last year, Turner’s conviction was upheld by a California appeals court.

The original case included Turner being charged with sexual assault of an intoxicated person and sexual assault with intent to commit rape. His victim was revealed as a 22-year-old woman who had blacked out from drinking at a campus party in January 2015. Turner was 19 at the time.

Miller’s powerful victim impact statement, which she read at Turner’s sentencing hearing, and Turner’s lenient sentence sparked debate about “rape culture” and “white male privilege”. That all contributed to California passing minimum sentencing requirements for sexual assault cases.

Last year, voters recalled Persky, who thus became the first judge in California to be successfully recalled since 1932.

Miller’s first interview in her own name will be broadcast on CBS’ “60 Minutes” two days before publication of her book, on September 22.

Miller graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and now lives in San Francisco, where she works as a writer and artist. She has been working on her book since early 2017, her publisher told The New York Times.


  1. Brenda Masse Amore

    This should be a picture of Chanel Miller not her rapist.

    • Andrew McCulloh

      Not disagreeing – but remembering his face will help his crime follow him.

  2. Victoria Brooks

    do not show his face! this is no way to support this Chanel Miller, or any victim of sexual assault

  3. Lisa Greenberg

    She showed her face on National TV!

  4. Amanda Braun Thorne

    I will be buying the book and let’s make sure Brock or people like him never represent our sport.

    • avatar
      Craig Lord

      An answer to all comments: it is neither rough nor insensitive to use his image … it is used appropriately and in context… this is a book (right next to his head) about what his crime meant for his victim Chanel Miller, of whom we have no image for which we have rights to.

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Stacia Griffiths what a great idea that everyone knows what he looks like!

  5. Kyle Sockwell

    Why are swimming outlets still reporting on him as if he’s currently on the National Team? Rough using his picture in this as well..

  6. Shari Kennedy Halsmer

    I understand the ire about showing his photo, but at least it exposes him in a visual way. He can always change his name.

    • Stephen Paul

      Shari Kennedy Halsmer exactly! jeff gilhooly has changed his name (tanya Harding’s ex husband who orchestrated the attack on nancy kerrigan) if you Google his name you see it is listed as fictional character because he legally changed it and I believe the current name is not publically known

      there was a reddit post made by a young man who had to serve brocks family in an ohio restaurant after he was released. nobody should forget this psycho

  7. avatar

    It’s “the rapist Brock Turner,” not “the swimmer Brock Turner.” And it’s not “the woman assaulted,” she’s a writer/author.

    • avatar
      Craig Lord

      N, you are incorrect. There is no disputing the appalling, vile nature of the crimes committed in this case but at no stage was a conviction of rape secured: indeed, the view and verdict of the court(s) in this case was to state the belief of judges that had two witnesses not shown up when they did, then the man charged and subsequently convicted of “sexual assault” etc, “would have … raped her”. “Would have”: the guilty verdict stated “three felonies including assault with intent to rape”, so it would most definitely not be “the rapist” in law, if we accept the verdict of the court. (The detail of the conviction was this: “…guilty of three felonies including assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object”). On the other point: Chanel Miller is a woman and she was assaulted: correct. She was a student at the time she was assaulted: back then, she was neither a writer nor an author by profession. What is written in the article is accurate.

  8. Cathy Silveira

    Put her picture instead of the scum bag.

  9. Ted Eminowicz

    The other side..

    Chanel Miller was a 24 year old woman who showed up drunk to a freshman frat party and started flirting with then 18 year-old teen Brock Turner, a Stanford pre-med student and All-American Olympic hopeful.

    Both got sloppy drunk – over 2-3x the legal limit – and became openly affectionate. After kissing and dancing in front of friends and despite the fact she was in a “very committed relationship,” both were seen walking hand in hand to a secluded grassy area by some pine trees just outside the house (later manipulatively referred to by media as “out back by the dumpster”). Not 10 mins later 2 kids on bikes came upon what they believed was a rape scene, a fully clothed Turner on top of Miller with his hand under her dress. They yell, Turner jumps up, runs, falls, and gets tackled by the students. Police arrive. Both Turner and Miller are impaired beyond reason. The woman is taken to the hospital, the boy to jail.

    The next day an embarrassed Jane Doe, told by everyone she was assaulted, files rape charges. Turner is immediately kicked out of school and off the swim team, media pushes a ‘privileged white male rapes damsel in distress’ narrative. Turner is sent to jail, labeled a sex offender, and nationally despised, an anonymous Miller is shielded from the spotlight and sheltered from scrutiny. Today he is struggling with depression while Miller is writing memoirs, hosting interviews, and signing book deals.

    Not claiming he’s a saint nor that she wasn’t a victim, just adding perspective and pointing out there’s more than 1 side to a story…

    • avatar
      Craig Lord

      Ted, important to note that a version of that other side of the story was rejected by two courts, the original trial and at appeal. Also worth noting that just about all references out there refer to Chanel Miller as being 22, not 24, at the time of the assault, while Brock Turner is listed in many result sheets as 1995 born. That appears to indicate that he would have been 19 and in his 20th year when it all happened.

    • Robert Fisher

      Any facts to back up your story?

    • Cheri Domitrz Zimdars

      Just by typing what you did, with the descriptive words you used, you showed you don’t feel she’s a victim.