Kirsty Coventry Named Minister Of Sport in Zimbabwe

Kirsty Coventry
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

According to a report from Inside The Games, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board member Kirsty Coventry has been named the Minister of Sport for he native country, Zimbabwe.

Coventry, who retired after her fifth Olympic Games appearance in 2016, is also the current chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and was previously the vice-president of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee. She is also a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board and serves as an athlete representative in the newly created Independent Testing Authority.

The report notes that Coventry will have some substantial challenges in her new role, foremost of which will be dealing with the financial ruin of the football and cricket programs that was in part due to corruption under former President Robert Mugabe.

Coventry is the most decorated African Olympian, with back to back gold medals in 2004 and 2008 along with four silvers and a bronze. You can read the original report from the Inside The Games herewebsite .

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    Dibby Jackson

    Dear Sir / Madam : My name is Dibby Jackson born here in Zimbabwe, i hv wrote this letter jst want to ask. .i hv discovered or adopted a new sport never played before in the world of sports ,if implemented here in Zimbabwe its frst of its kind. .so how do i go about it of i wnt to register it and wht are the requirements. Regards Jackson