Kirsty Coventry Heading Back to Texas

AUSTIN, Texas, January 31. SIX months after news broke that Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry would be hosted by the Royal Couple of Monaco in her training up until the 2012 London Games, Coventry has elected to return to Austin, Texas to train with UT's Kim Brackin.

Brackin was at the helm of the bulk of Coventry's top successes, including two Olympic gold medals in the 200 backstroke at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. Coventry also has four silvers to her credit, and a bronze.

In long course world championship competition, she also won three world titles and placed runner-up five other times.

"I'm thrilled to have her back at Texas," Brackin told Swimming World. "She raises the bar for everyone and brings a level of experience that my team will benefit from being around. I'm excited to challenge her and help her prepare to race at her best in London. Besides being a great athlete, she is just someone I enjoy being around every day."