Katie Ledecky Finishes as Finalist for AAU Sullivan Award

Katie Ledecky
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Katie Ledecky finished as one of the six finalists for this year’s AAU James E. Sullivan Award with Ohio State football player Ezekiel Elliott winning the 85th annual award.

The honor dates back to 1931 and honors the top athlete in amateur sports. Though the term “amateur” has changed in definition in the sports world since golfer Bobby Jones took the first award, it still holds a large amount of prestige in the sporting community.

This marked Ledecky’s first appearance as a Sullivan Award finalist. Her astounding performances in the pool are just part of the reason why she made the cut, having broken five world records in the 400, 800 and 1500 freestyles last summer. The award looks at the athlete outside of their sport, and Ledecky certainly has made an impact in her community through her high school and with such organizations as the Wounded Warriors Project.


Twelve swimmers and three divers have received the Sullivan Award. Missy Franklin was the last aquatic sport athlete to win the Sullivan Award, doing so in 2013.

AAU Sullivan Award Finalists
Shawn Barber, pole vault
Simone Biles, gymnastics
Meryl Davis and Charlie White, figure skating
Ezekiel Elliott, football
Katie Ledecky, swimming
Jahil Okafor, basketball

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