Karen Allard of SBR Sports Products Takes Us Through Chlorine Removal Hair Products

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

Karen Allard, CEO of SBR Sports Inc. sat down with Brent Rutemiller for Swimming World TV to discuss her personal products they have designed at SBR Sports.

Allard showed off the Triswim products (0:51) which can take away the chlorine, salt water or bromine from the hair and skin.

Allard also talked about how and when SBR Sports got started (2:16) and where it first started.

Karen Allard said that SBR Sports has a global audience (3:06) and how much it has taken off in the last few years.

SBR Sports also has the Skin Slick product (3:45) which is a skin lubricant to help put on tech suits. It was originally designed for wet suits in triathlons and Allard quickly found out it was being used for tech suits.

At the US Nationals this past summer, many swimmers including Katie LedeckyKathleen Baker and Simone Manuel said they ripped suits before their swims at the meet, which is not ideal for any swimmer. Skin Slick can reduce the amount of time it takes to put on a tech suit (4:03) from 10 or 20 minutes to 90 seconds.