JR Rosania Presents Butterfly and Freestyle Strength Exercises

PHOENIX, Arizona, February 11. SWIMMING World Magazine's top fitness trainer JR Rosania is back with two more exercises to improve your swimming strength!

In the following two video clips, Samantha Caldwell demonstrates two easy cable rack exercises that mimic the butterfly and freestyle strokes on land. These exercises help improve in-water strength by gaining power on land with the same motions.

Butterfly Pull with Hip Flexion:

Caldwell demonstrates a great butterfly strengthening exercise. She coordinates a weighted double arm overhead pull down motion with leg raises. Doing these together mimics the butterfly stroke, while also providing a tough core workout.

Freestyle with Supine Flutter Kick:

In this exercise, Caldwell mimics the freestyle motion prone on her back. She coordinates the single arm pull down motion with flutter kick. This provides great on-land strengthening for the freestyle stroke in water.