Jodie Henry Moving Back to Brisbane

BRISBANE, Australia, November 9. JODIE Henry, the reigning Olympic champion in the 100-meter freestyle is leaving the Australian Institute of Sport and will return to train in Brisbane, according to a report in The Age. Henry cited homesickness and dwindling motivation for her decision. After the Athens Olympics, she moved to the AIS to train with her long-time coach Shannon Rollason.

"This is the best decision to go forward to Beijing at the moment," said Henry. "It was no secret that I had been struggling with motivation. I always just thought I'd be fine when the Olympics came closer, but it hasn't gotten better for me in terms of my motivation. It came down to that I was homesick."

Henry will now train under the watch of Simon Cusack, who is overseeing the career of 15-year-old Cate Campbell, a rising star in the sprint ranks. The move arrives four months before the 2008 Olympic Trials, making for tough timing. This year, Grant Hackett and Leisel Jones have also switched coaches.

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