Jen Psaki, New White House Press Secretary, Was Swimmer at William & Mary

Jen Psaki-1

As the United States celebrates Presidents Day, Jen Psaki has been busy as the White House press secretary to U.S. President Joe Biden, who is nearing the end of his first month on the job. Psaki was a swimmer at William & Mary.

The press secretary to the first lady is also a former swimmer.

She is not unfamiliar with working at the White House. During the Obama administration, Psaki previously served as White House communications director from 2015 to 2017, when Biden was in his second term as vice president of the United States.

In her role as White House press secretary, Psaki is one of seven women serving in top communications roles for the Biden administration. According to The Washington Post, it is the first time that all such positions are held by women.

“This is a team of some of the most talented, battle-tested communicators out there – who are also all women, most diverse team in history and also six moms of young kids,” Psaki wrote on Twitter.

Jen Psaki worked with several members of the U.S. Senate before joining Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. When he took office, she was named as deputy press secretary and later deputy communications director. After working for a public relations firm, she returned to the White House in 2012 as press secretary for Obama’s 2012 campaign. The next year, Psaki took the role as spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State.

When she assumed her new job, Psaki spoke about her role in bringing transparency back.

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Bob Hopkins
1 year ago

good reporting; did not find her on USA Swimming times website

1 year ago

Congratulations to Jen Psaki–a reminder of how competitive sport can enhance the potential of our nations future leaders. It is notable that athletes stood up to William and Mary when the University was poised to cut swimming —
When we all work together we can save swimming as well as other Olympic -sports.
Donna de Varona