Japanese Swimming Federation Moves Japan Open

By Hideki Mochizuki, Swimming World Japanese correspondent

TOKYO, Japan, March 22. THE Japanese Swimming Federation today announced that it will move the site of the Japan Open from Tokyo to Osaka. The meet was scheduled from May 20-22 as final preparation for the World Championships this year, including the majority of Japan National Swim Team.

The decision was made because it will take time to fix the Tatsumi International Swim Center, which was damaged by the earthquake. Also, the earthquake crisis caused by power supply shortages included Tokyo, and it is expected that most of the Tokyo would receive the planned power outages for a while. Although areas and hours of blackouts are informed beforehand, it is believed that it will take a time to get power supply capacity back to normal.

After the Japan Open, the Japan National Team plans the following preparation schedule toward the World Champs.
May 20-22: Japan Open (Osaka, Namihaya Dome pool)
May 23-June 1: Swim camp in Tenerife, Spain
June 1-June 14: Mare Nostrum
June 14-June 26: Swim camp in Calella, Spain
July 11-July 20: Swim camp in Hokkaido, Japan