Estonian Head Coach Janno Jürgenson Steps Down


According to the Estonian Swimming Federation, Janno Jürgenson will be stepping down from his position as head coach when his contract ends on July 31. He has been the ESF head coach since January of this year.

With regret, Jürgenson explained that he is stepping down for family reasons. “It is not possible for me to contribute according to the original plan,” he said.

While his time in this position has been short, Jürgenson said he is pleased with the work he was able to accomplish in his role as head coach.

He created a management team to help coach different age groups so that swimmers were getting more specific, attentive feedback and training plans. Additionally, he played a big role in getting sports medicine professionals and personal trainers available for national team members.

Estonian Swimming Federation president Karol Kovanen said that the situation was very unexpected, especially since such great progress was being made. However, Kovanen said that she is understanding and grateful for the work Jürgenson put in as it will continue to help Estonian swimmers for years to come.

“I am certainly prepared to contribute to the promotion of Estonia’s top aquatics in the future,” Jürgenson added.

On June 14, the Estonian board will meet to discuss filling the role of head coach of the Estonian Swimming Federation. They are open to both new and internal candidates for the position.