Italy’s Federica Pellegrini, Norway’s Alexander Dale Oen Named Swimming World European Swimmers of the Year

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 30. TODAY, we are proud to announce the Swimming World European Swimmers of the Year. Italy's Federica Pellegrini clinched her third straight Female European Swimmer of the Year award, while Norway's Alexander Dale Oen became the first person from his country to win either the Male or Female award since its inception in 1980.

In the December issue, Swimming World features the longest-running and most prestigious award in the sport of swimming. Beginning in 1964 with Don Schollander being named the World Swimmer of the Year , and continuing with the addition of various Regional Swimmers of the Year in 1980, the award system honors the best of the best from each year's feats in the sport.

Here is how the Top 5 rankings worked out in the European region. We have included first-place votes for the first time as part of our voting structure:

1. Federica Pellegrini, ITA (18)
2. Rebecca Adlington, GBR (1)
3. Therese Alshammar, SWE
4. Lotte Friis, DEN
5. Aliaksandra Herasimenia, BLR
(Parenthesis indicates first-place votes)

1. Alexander Dale Oen, NOR (14)
2. Camille Lacourt, FRA (4)
3. Daniel Gyurta, HUN (1)
4. Jeremy Stravius, FRA
5. Paul Biedermann, GER/Liam Tancock, GBR
(Parenthesis indicates first-place votes)

Previous European Swimmers of the Year:
2010 Federica Pellegrini, ITA Camille Lacourt, FRA
2009 Federica Pellegrini, ITA Paul Biedermann, GER
2008 Rebecca Adlington, UK Alain Bernard, FRA
2007 Laure Manaudou, FRA Mateusz Sawrymowicz, POL
2006 Laure Manaudou, FRA Laszlo Cseh, HUN
2005 Otylia Jedrzejczak, POL Laszlo Cseh, HUN
2004 Yana Klochkova, UKR Pieter van den Hoogenband, NED
2003 Hannah Stockbauer, GER Alex Popov, RUS
2002 Franziska van Almsick, GER Pieter van den Hoogenband, NED
2001 Inge de Bruijn, NED Roman Sloudnov, RUS
2000 Inge de Bruijn, NED Pieter van den Hoogenband, NED
1999 Inge de Bruijn, NED Pieter van den Hoogenband, NED
1998 Agnes Kovacs, HUN Denis Silantiev, UKR
1997 Agnes Kovacs, HUN Emiliano Brembilla, ITA
1996 Michele Smith, IRL Denis Pankratov, RUS
1995 Kristina Egerszegi, HUN Denis Pankratov, RUS
1994 Franziska van Almsick, GER Alex Popov, RUS
1993 Franziska van Almsick, GER Karoly Guttler, HUN
1992 Kristina Egerszegi, HUN Egveni Sadovyi, URS
1991 Kristina Egerszegi, HUN Tamas Darnyi, HUN
1990 Kristina Egerszegi, HUN Adrian Moorhouse, GBR
1989 Anke Mohring, GDR Giorgio Lamberti, ITA
1988 Kristin Otto, GDR Tamas Darnyi, HUN
1987 Silke Horner, GDR Tamas Darnyi, HUN
1986 Kristin Otto, GDR Michael Gross FRG
1985 Silke Horner, GDR Michael Gross, FRG
1984 Kristin Otto, GDR Michael Gross, FRG
1983 Ute Geweniger, GDR Michael Gross, FRG
1982 Cornelia Sirch, GDR Michael Gross, FRG
1981 Ute Geweniger, GDR Sandor Wladar, HUN
1980 Petra Schneider, GDR Vladimir Salnikov, URS

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