ISL Regular Season Report: Daiya Seto, Lilly King Lead Quad Event Winners

Daiya Seto
Daiya Seto; Photo Courtesy: Photo Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia / Insidefoto

ISL Regular Season Report: Daiya Seto, Lilly King Lead Quad Event Winners

Through the 10 matches of the ISL regular season, 16 swimmers managed to win all four of their races in a single event. The group includes representatives from eight of the league’s 10 teams.

Every team in ISL has at least one swimmer who has won the same event three times this season. Ten men and 16 women have pulled off that feat.

Leading the way among the quadruple winners is Tokyo’s Daiya Seto, who won the 200 butterfly and 400 individual medley on four occasions each. Seto also won the 200 IM three times.

He’s joined in the super select stratosphere of double-quadruple winners by Lilly King, the Cali Condor having won the 100 breaststroke and 200 breast four times each. The latter accolade is shared with Energy Standard’s Evgenia Chikunova, with the two powerhouse programs having not met head-to-head in the regular season. King has the edge with the fastest time in the regular season, a 2:16.83 to Chikunova’s 2:17.57.


Lilly King, left, and Cali Condors teammate Emily Escobedo; Photo Courtesy: Mine Kasapoglu/ISL

Breaststroke was a particular area of dominance. Erik Persson of Team Iron won the men’s 200 race four times, and Nicolo Martinenghi of Aqua Centurions claimed each of his 50 breast races. Ilya Shymanovich of Energy Standard, who only swam three matches, won each of his 50 and 100 breast races.

Energy Standard led the way with three quadruple winners, all on the women’s side. Joining Chikunova was Sarah Sjostrom, who won the 50 fly four times, and Siobhan Haughey with four 200 free wins. Sjostrom also won three 50 free races, and Haughey claimed three wins in each the 100 free and 400 free.

King’s Cali teammate Beata Nelson won the women’s 100 IM four straight times. Ditto Persson’s Iron mate Nicholas Santos in the 50 fly, creeping close to breaking his world record. Despite finishing last in each meet, the NY Breakers Brendon Smith (men’s 400 free) and Abbie Wood (women’s 200 IM) won four times apiece. (Wood was also a three-time 400 IM champ). London had a pair of men’s quad winners in Guilherme Guido in the 50 back and Duncan Scott in the 200 free. Louise Hansson was the Toronto Titans leader by winning the women’s 100 fly four times.

Leading the three-time winners is Caeleb Dressel, who managed the feet in only the 100 butterfly, thanks to his season being cut short by an illness. Cali Condors’ teammate Coleman Stewart won the 50 back and 100 back three times each, the latter an honor shared with Guido.

Perhaps the most impressive triple-winning program was put forth by the Condors’ Kelsi Dahlia. She won the 100 fly three times, the 200 fly three times and the fly skins on three occasions. (Only Dahlia, Sjostrom and Team Iron’s Thom de Boer won multiple skins races this season.)

Alia Atkinson managed to notch three wins each in two events, the 50 breast and 100 breast. She shared the former accolade with Arianna Castiglioni of the Aqua Centurions. Atkinson’s London Roar teammate Kira Toussaint has three 50 back wins to her name.

The women’s 100 back was divvied up between a pair of Canadians, Kylie Masse of Toronto and the LA Current’s Ingrid Wilm, with three wins each. Wilm’s teammate Abbey Weitzeil won three 50 frees. Aqua Centurions’ Holly Barratt (50 fly), Bailey Andison (400 IM) and Andreas Vazaios (200 IM) of DC Trident, Ben Proud of Energy Standard (50 free) and Team Iron’s Marco Orsi (100 IM) also won three times each.

As the league preps for the Match 11 play-in and the semifinals, the MVP standings (pdf) are as follows. Note that Dressel, Shymanovich, Evgeny Rylov and Emma McKeon are the only four swimmers of the top 25 in the MVP standings to swim in only three ISL regular season matches.

ISL Regular Season MVP Standings

  1. Caeleb Dressel, Cali Condors 233.00 points
  2. Beata Nelson, Cali Condors 232.00
  3. Sarah Sjostrom, Energy Standard 228.50
  4. Siobhan Haughey, Energy Standard 227.00
  5. Daiya Seto Tokyo Frog Kings 218.50
  6. Coleman Stewart, Cali Condors 208.50
  7. Kelsi Dahlia, Cali Condors 185.50
  8. Duncan Scott, London Roar 183.00
  9. Ilya Shymanovich, Energy Standard 182.50
  10. Lilly King, Cali Condors 178.50
  11. Abbie Wood, NY Breakers 175.50
  12. Louise Hansson, Toronto Titans 169.75
  13. Guilherme Guido, London Roar 157.50
  14. Tom Shields, LA Current 156.75
  15. Ingrid Wilm, LA Current 151.00
  16. Evgeny Rylov, Energy Standard 146.50
  17. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Team Iron 145.00
  18. Barbora Seemanova, Team Iron 143.00
  19. Kylie Masse, Toronto Titans 140.00
  20. Abbey Weitzeil, LA Current 135.00
  21. Alia Atkinson, London Roar 132.50
  22. Justin Ress, Cali Condors 131.50
  23. Bailey Andison, DC Trident 131.00
  24. Emma McKeon, London Roar 131.00
  25. Chad le Clos, Energy Standard 128.50
  26. Kira Toussaint, London Roar, 128.50

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