ISL Grand Final, Day 2 Session 3: Cali Condors Clinch ISL Title on Backs of Caeleb Dressel & Skins Prowess

Cali Condors win ISL 2020 (photo: Mike Lewis)
Photo Courtesy: MIKE LEWIS / ISL

ISL Grand Final, Day 2 Session 3 Live: Title Up For Grabs!

The Cali Condors soared to their first league title in franchise history thanks to Skins prowess from Lilly King and the speed and versatility from Caeleb Dressel. The Condors seemed to have no weakness throughout the entire season as they never trailed on day two of the Grand Final, unseating the defending champions Energy Standard in Budapest after six weeks of racing in Hungarian capital in one of the top facilities in the world.

The Condors celebrated with wins from Olivia Smoliga and Hali Flickinger as the team won by nearly 100 points over Energy Standard with the London Roar in third and LA Current in fourth.

General Manager Jason Lezak and head coach Jonty Skinner celebrated poolside with the team as the Condors finished 2020 undefeated. Dressel was crowned season and match MVP of 2020 with his superhuman performances with three world records this weekend in Budapest.


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How they got here

ISL Grand Final Team Scores

  1. Cali Condors 561.5
  2. Energy Standard 464.5
  3. London Roar 391
  4. LA Current 298

Match MVP:

  1. Caeleb Dressel, Condors, 96
  2. Lilly King, Condors, 71
  3. Beryl Gastaldello, Current, 44.5
  4. Sarah Sjostrom, Energy, 42
  5. Ilya Shymanovich, Energy, 39.5

Season MVP:

  1. Caeleb Dressel, Condors, 463.5
  2. Lilly King, Condors, 350
  3. Beryl Gastaldello, Current, 340.5
  4. Ryan Murphy, Current, 329
  5. Sarah Sjostrom, Energy, 297

Women’s 400 IM

ISL record: 4:23.25, Yui Ohashi, Tokyo Frog Kings

Sydney Pickrem held off Hali Flickinger to win the 400 IM for the London Roar at 4:24.84, just holding off Cali’s Flickinger who closed well with a 4:25.50. Energy’s Mary-Sophie Harvey (4:28.61) had a great back half to finish third ahead of London’s Aimee Willmott (4:30.94).

Men’s 400 IM

ISL record: 3:54.81, Daiya Seto, Energy Standard

Duncan Scott got within 0.02 of the British record with a win in the 400 IM at 3:59.83, going 1-3 with teammate Tom Dean (4:02.53), who nearly ran down LA’s Andrew Seliskar (4:02.42). It was a huge swim for the Roar, who are out of contention for the win, but definitely a confidence booster for the team that was decimated by Swimming Australia’s decision to withdraw many of its national team swimmers from the ISL over COVID concerns.

Women’s Skins Breaststroke

The Cali Condors flexed their muscles and showed why they had faith in their breaststrokers when picking this stroke after winning last night’s medley relay. Lilly King won all three rounds as her teammate Molly Hannis reached round three to give an all-blue final round and it helped clinch the league title for the American franchise.

Round One:

  1. Lilly King, Condors
  2. Benedetta Pilato, Energy
  3. Molly Hannis, Condors
  4. Alia Atkinson, Roar
  5. Annie Lazor, Roar
  6. Breeja Larson, Energy
  7. Anastasia Gorbenko, Current
  8. Julia Sebastian, Current

Round Two:

  1. Lilly King, Condors
  2. Molly Hannis, Condors
  3. Alia Atkinson, Roar
  4. Benedetta Pilato, Energy

Round Three:

  1. Lilly King, Condors
  2. Molly Hannis, Condors

Men’s Skins Breaststroke

Even though Energy Standard won the men’s medley relay to limit Caeleb Dressel’s potential at point stealing, London’s Adam Peaty took round three of the Skins race over Energy’s Ilya Shymanovich as the Roar finished third overall as a team.

Round One:

  1. Adam Peaty, Roar
  2. Kirill Prigoda, Roar
  3. Ilya Shymanovich, Energy
  4. Nic Fink, Condors
  5. Caeleb Dressel, Condors
  6. Felipe Lima, Energy
  7. Felipe Franca, Current
  8. Will Licon, Current

Round Two:

  1. Ilya Shymanovich, Energy
  2. Adam Peaty, Roar
  3. Nic Fink, Condors
  4. Kirill Prigoda, Roar

Round Three:

  1. Adam Peaty, Roar
  2. Ilya Shymanovich, Energy

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