Is New England or Southern California the Center of Masters Racing in the USA? SoCal Coach Issues a Challenge

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5. A quote in a recent article on swiminfo has gotten the competitive juices flowing for a West Coast swimmer/coach.

In an article about the 12 Masters world records that were set at the New England Short Course Champion-ships, former New England Masters president Robert Seltzer was quoted as saying: "You can make a pretty good case that New England is the center of Masters racing in the U.S."

Explaining, he said: "NEM averages a meet participation rate that is close to 50 percent of its members, compared to the USMS National average that probably is no better than 20%. Furthermore, the intense team competition, as evidenced by the more
than 150 relays assembled, produces an atmosphere that borders on Final Four madness."

Well, suh, that proud comment got the dander up of one Wayne McCauley, a coach in the Southern Pacific Masters region. "How about a paper meet, SPMA vs. New England, using short course meters meet times?," he suggested. "Then the real center of Masters racing would be produced."

Anyone in New England want to take Coach McCauley up on his challenge?