International Swimming League Bans Gabriel Santos, Suspends Shayna Jack After Positive Tests

Shayna Jack - Photo Courtesy: Singapore Swimming Federation

The International Swimming League has permanently banned Brazilian sprinter Gabriel Da Silva Santos, 23, and suspended Australian swimmer Shayna Jack, 20 following test results from the World Anti-Doping Agency. Jack was on the roster of the Cali Condors; Da Silva Santos was briefly a part of the DC Trident.

On July 19, B Sample results for testing of both athletes came back positive; Jack for the banned substance Ligandrol and Da Silva Santos for Clostebol.

“As I said last month, no doping control rules violation will be overlooked,” said Andrea di Nino, the managing director of the International Swimming League. “This is another case that serves to reiterate our stance on banned substances and breaking doping control rules – no such behavior will ever be condoned. From the outset, the ISL has been an advocate for transparency and clean sport. Any athletes with doping control or ethical violation records will be considered ineligible with no recourse.”

The International Swimming League, founded in 2018, has established a permanent  zero-tolerance policy for athletes who test positive for banned substances.

“We are committed to a doping-free future at the ISL and we completely support the League’s enforcement of its policies,” said Jason Lezak, general manager of the Cali Condors.

Santos’ ban was a suspension when the news of his positive test first broke.

“We were shocked and disappointed to read this headline, and of course fully support a zero tolerance policy for doping on our team and in the league,” said Kaitlin Sandeno, general manager of the DC Trident.

Santos, 23, was a 2016 Olympian, swimming on the 400 free relay and won a gold medal at Pan Pacs on the same relay in 2018, as well as silver at the world championships in 2017.

More on the ISL here.


  1. still no Sun Yang ban? No Efimova ban after multiple doping tests failed? We can do more for this wonderful sport, we HAVE TO.

    • Julien Debris

      Arianda O’Flahertie Wilde Savignani it’s ISL, not FINA, so Efimova and Sun Yang can’t compete in these teams

    • avatar

      It seems that they dont have fair judgement…..or they are more influencial……

  2. Spencer Rausch

    But Sun and Efimova still standing up on those podiums Huh?

    • Julien Debris

      Spencer Rausch it’s ISL, not FINA, so Efimova and Sun Yang can’t compete in these teams

    • Maria Sol Bogliotti

      Too many leagues, associations, different opinions when the sport is only 1, the cheater is the same no matter which tournament, league, country, etc…?

    • Julien Debris

      Maria Sol Bogliotti I agree, but since FINA allows drug cheaters, ISL will stand and permit clean competitions with clean athletes

      • avatar

        Perhaps ISL should teach classes on clean competition! FINA should be the first to sign up!

    • avatar
      Jack Jasper

      And Thomas Fraser-Holmes? Is he banned?

    • Julien Debris

      Maria Sol Bogliotti he was already banned from all ISL meet

    • Julien Debris

      ISL politics is very simple : all athlete who fails or has already failed a drug test is banned from every ISL competition, which is a very good decision, FINA should take example from this

    • Maria Sol Bogliotti

      Julien Debris thanks for the info. Being a super super amateur I am not aware of this

  3. Julien Debris

    Just hilarous to see people who talk about Yang, Efimova without checking which swimming governing body the article deals with. ISL had banned and will ban any athlete who fails a drug test, that’s simple. On the other side, there is FINA, who still allows drug cheaters to compete after ban or even without sanctions. But here, we’re talking about ISL, so there’s no reason to mention Sun Yang or Yulia Efimova

  4. avatar

    Oh the ISL! That swimming group that only gets mentioned on this website and nowhere else. ; P

  5. Robin Kite

    To bad Fina isn’t setting the example for a clean sport.

  6. Donna Pim

    About time. Cheat your out for good. Strong message

  7. Bridget Lin

    Joshua Zhang no ISL for Jack

  8. Mattias Löwe

    Between GlobalDRO and informed sport, there is zero reason for any positive test. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  9. Tony MacGuinness

    So, the ISL that has no official standing within swimming has just given themselves the power to ban swimmers.

    Absolutely Ridiculous …as they have no authority over any swimmer. They can stop them from competing in any ISL event, but they cannot ban them.