Gabriel Santos Suspended from ISL After Positive Test

Photo Courtesy: Peter H.Bick

Brazilian swimmer Gabriel Santos, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the National Swimming Federation were notified Tuesday of the athlete’s positive doping test for Clostebol. In response, the International Swimming League (ISL) immediately took action. Clostebol is a synthetic androgenic steroid with anabolic effects.

The ISL and the DC Trident have temporarily suspended Da Silva Santos, 23, while waiting for “the B-sample” to confirm or cancel the result of the initial test (the “A-sample”).

Santos was selected last week to compete as a member of the DC Trident for the upcoming ISL competitions, set to begin this October.

“No doping control rules violation will be overlooked,” said Andrea Di Nino, the managing director of the International Swimming League. “This case serves to reiterate our stance on banned substances and breaking doping control rules – no such behavior will ever be condoned. From the outset, the ISL has been an advocate for transparency and clean sport. Any athletes with doping control or ethical violation records will be considered ineligible with no recourse.”

If Santos goes ahead with a “B sample” check in the next 10 days, the league’s final decision will be based on the final ruling from the appropriate governing body.

“We were shocked and disappointed to read this headline, and of course fully support a zero tolerance policy for doping on our team and in the league,” said Kaitlin Sandeno, general manager of the DC Trident.

Brazil’s Globo Sport reported the positive test.

Santos, 23, was a 2016 Olympian, swimming on the 400 free relay and won a gold medal at Pan Pacs on the same relay in 2018, as well as silver at the world championships in 2017.

This could also take Santos away from both the World Championships in Gwangju and the Pan American Games in Lima.

According to the FINA rules, he has 10 days to request a test of his “B” sample in the FINA-conducted test. The test was conducted by the Institute Armand-Frappier in Laval, Quebec, Canada, Globo Sport reported.

According to the report, Santos was tested on May 20 in Sau Paulo, which tested positive for Clostebol.

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