Industry News: TYR Launches FastStache — Face Borne Speed Gear

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, April 1. IN preparation for the London Games, the TYR research and development team has unveiled the most advanced technical innovation to ever hit the face of swimming, The FastStache. The next breakthrough in swimming is right under your nose. Keep a fast upper lip and get your fast face on.

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Mutton Chop and Soul Patch expansion kits are also available to max out your face speeds. The FastStache four-step application process should be followed prior to meets and training sessions — prepare face, apply FastStache, remove hand, and enjoy your new speed.

The FastStache creates a perfect synergy with the swimmers cap, goggles and technical suit. TYR product developer Dr. Ivan Mustacio explains, “The system is an engineering marvel! It is beyond drag reduction, the FastStache is like a propeller. Body hair is legal and natural. We are excited about this addition to our technical product assortment.”

“Remember everyone, keep a tight streamline and a fast upper lip”, stated Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers.

Dr. Mustacio continues to explain, “Hydrodynamics are optimized as the hydrophilic whiskers create an incredibly slick and frictionless plane allowing our athletes to maximize efficiency in their streamline and propulsion through the water.”

Happy April Fool's Day!

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