Industry News: New Time Conversion Tool; FasterSwimming.Com Circle Swimming Time Converter

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 13. SWIMMING World, in cooperation with, just released a new time conversion tool that will help coaches and swimmers improve race efficiency.

The new tool created by Brad Burget, co-founder of, converts races that are swum by athletes who circle swim by habit as if they were in practice instead of a straight line resulting in a much slower time.

The tool is a great way for coaches to dramatize the need to swim a straight line when competing.

For example, if a female swimmer raced a 100-yard freestyle by going down on the right side of the lane and back on the left and finishes in a time of 1:00.00, the swimmer or coach could go to the Circle Swimming Conversion Tool, input the time and find out what the straight line time would be. In this case, the straight line time would have been 58.8 seconds.

"You will be surprised that all levels of swimmers need this tool," Burget said. "I decided to develop this tool as a demonstration for one of my swimmers who circle swam at Junior Nationals. Did your swimmer ever miss making finals, Sectional cuts, Junior or Senior National cuts by a tenth or hundredth? Show them immediately how much faster they would have been if they would have focused on swimming straight. Something else to consider; Do your swimmers know how to do a flip turn without circle swimming? Most swimmers have developed bad habits with their turns by circle swimming at practice."

"I met Brad at a NISCA clinic in 2010 and was very impressed with his formula to help educate swimmers on the need to swim straight," Swimming World CEO and Publisher Brent Rutemiller said. "We are very proud to host this tool on I was equally impressed by a lot of the other training materials offered by"

To use the tool, click here! launched in June 2006 with "Faster Swimming," the first book written by Burget, a guide for swimmers, coaches and parents. The collection of manuals now includes weight training, seasonal workout plans and a diet and weight loss guide. Visit for all of the aforementioned manuals.