Industry News: AquaVee Launches Portable Swim System

MIAMI, Florida, April 14. AQUAVEE, LLC announced the launch of its portable swim system, an innovative fitness solution that enables swimmers to swim in place, getting a continuous barrier-free workout without having to kick off pool walls, in virtually any pool. The AquaVee portable swim system weighs less than two pounds and can be set up in just minutes, offering swimmers of all levels the ability to swim in place using any stroke, in virtually any depth of water. Using the AquaVee portable swim system, users can get a full cardio-vascular and resistance workout in as little as 15 minutes.

The patent-pending AquaVee portable swim system consists of an inflatable belt that swimmers fasten around their waists, latex tubing that attaches to the belt to hold the swimmer in place, and a 12-inch bungee cord with suction cups that secure the latex tubing to the borders of the pool wall. Using the included clear adhesive sheets, the suction cups can adhere to any border surface, even those made of porous materials, like marble. The suction cups and latex tubing are strong enough to anchor the swimmer in place, and a swivel clip on the belt ensures that the swimmer won't get tangled in the latex lines.

Using the easy-to-set-up system, swimmers can swim in place in any style for as long as they wish and won't have to encounter the borders of a pool wall. "It's always been a challenge for swimmers to get a full workout, even in an Olympic sized lap pool," explains co-founder Eliot Rodriguez. "AquaVee solves that issue by giving swimmers the ability to swim uninterrupted for as long as they like."

Fitness and medical experts rank swimming as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. Unlike most other aerobic and resistance exercises, swimming is stress-free on the joints. In an article published by, Robert A. Robergs, exercise physiologist and director of the exercise physiology laboratories at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, states that swimming is a good fitness choice for just about everyone, especially those with physical limitations or who find other forms of exercise painful. "It's a good, whole-body exercise that has low impact for people with arthritis, musculoskeletal or weight limitations," he explains.

By using the AquaVee portable swim system, swimmers can get the cardiovascular and resistance benefits of swimming in less time. Because swimmers don't advance through the water, there is no momentum created, which means that there is more resistance in the water. Each stroke is like the swimmers first–it's like breaking the water for the first time. And because the swimmer won't need to kick off at the end of the pool, which adds more momentum, the swim workout is more concentrated. The result is a stronger, more resistant workout. The swimmer doesn't need to swim as long as with traditional swimming methods to get the same–or better–work out.

"I initially came up with the idea trying to do laps in my relatively small pool," explains Alberto Roque, inventor and founder of AquaVee. "After searching extensively, I couldn't find anything affordable that would allow someone to swim freely and comfortable, so I set out to create and design a solution of my own." After coming up with the initial concept, Roque mentioned the notion to Felipe Pazos and the two refined the idea together, with Pazos developing a working prototype. The encouragement from friends and acquaintances that had tried and loved the product led the two to embark on an official business venture. In summer 2006, Eliot Rodriguez came on board and pushed the project forward. The final aspect of the partnership was complete as Miami-based Goldfish Design and graphic artist Martin Andersen joined, adding much needed marketing expertise. "All parties involved have been integral in their contributions from design to production to marketing, and we are very excited as our sales continue to grow and we continue developing the product," adds Roque.

The AquaVee portable swim system is available in three sizes that will fit most adults, and will be available new petite and child's sizes by next quarter. AquaVee will also be releasing a higher-resistance version for elite swimmers and athletes, and has plans for another water fitness related product to be released later this year. The AquaVee portable swim system is available online at for less than $90 and takes only minutes to set up.

"This is a great alternative to the $5,000 to $10,000 pool systems that use water pressure to create resistance," states Rodriguez. "Even swim coaches love this product. It's the only product that allows a swim coach to stand beside the student as the student is swimming. This is something that every pool in America could use."

The AquaVee portable swim system comes with its own mesh carrying bag and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.