Industry Insider, Nov. 5, 2010: Swimming World Goes Hollywood; Beneath The Blue Premiere

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 5. IF you tuned into last week's Industry Insider , Tiffany Elias explained the link between Swimming World and the full-length film, Beneath the Blue.

This emotional film addresses the struggles between environmentalists and the U.S. Navy over sonar testing that is killing whales and dolphins. How does Swimming World tie in? Our very own Morning Swim Show is featured in the background of the film in multiple clips. Also hitting the big screen is Finis and their Shooter Monofin. Leading actress Caitlin Wachs uses the monofin to swim and mimic the movements of the dolphins.

Producer Kaitlin Kelly and Elias traveled to Hollywood, Calif., to attend the premiere of the film. This week's Insider will give you a recap of red carpet interviews and more. A few celebs in attendance included Caitlin Wachs, Christine Adams, Kalpana Pandit, Robin Krasny and more.

View our Beneath the Blue event landing page to see additional red carpet interviews, Celebrity Mysteries and road trip footage.

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For additional information on Beneath the Blue visit its web site.

Go see Beneath the Blue and keep your eye out for Peter Busch and our Morning Swim Show!