In Case You Need Another Reason to Love Swimming…

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 30. RESEARCH now shows what doting swimming parents have (up until this point) only assumed to be true: that water babies are smarter than average. Researchers at the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia, in conjunction with the Kids Alive Swim Program and Swim Australia, conducted a three-year survey of thousands of parents of children under the age of five.

Professor Robyn Jorgensen, lead researcher of the study, said results showed that children involved in swimming from a young age hit developmental milestones earlier than the average population.

“Many of these skills are those that help young children into the transition into formal learning contexts such as pre-school or school,” said Jorgensen.

In addition to surveying parents, the research team intensively tested 180 children ages 3-5 over the course of the study. The University now holds results for the most comprehensive study into early-years swimming.

Early-year swimmers also scored better than average in visual-motor, mathematical, and oral expression tests.

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