How To Make Your Team The #FunnestSport in Town


If you want to make your team the “Funnest” sport in town, just go to and download your Swim Team Kit. Download it today! #FunnestSport

This is just one of the videos, clubs can put on their website got its official launch this week in a nationwide campaign to get more people in the water. Leaders in the industry joined forces with USA Swimming to market the sport with never-seen-before assets! All materials benefit swim clubs! In other words, the campaign is for the benefit of clubs to get more swimmers to join!

Swimming membership in year-round teams increased 37 percent since 2008 and the industry wants to keep it growing. Why is swimming growing at such an immense rate? FUN is the number one reason that 99 percent of swim parents stated why their kids swim and swimming tops every category most important to parents. Grow your club today!