How Can You Benefit From a Strong Relationship With Your Coach?


Swimming is a sport that requires an immense amount of physical, mental and emotional energy. When you are pushing yourself to your limit every day, it makes it easier to have a good relationship with your coach. Your coach is someone that you see almost every day for hours on end, so being close with them is beneficial.

What makes up a good relationship?


When you spend such a large amount of time with one person, you will at least form a basic connection. While this connection will begin as acquaintances, it is able to be built from there. If you are afraid to build this relationship with your coach, just remember that this is part of their job. They are more than likely willing to create a relationship with you. A strong connection with anyone requires effort, but after some time, you will form a close relationship. With a connection, the sport will become more fun. You are now doing the sport that you love for a coach that you know has your best interests in mind. A strong connection with your coach will allow you to enjoy swimming to a greater extent. And when you are enjoying what you are doing, it becomes much easier to push yourself. Swimming faster will likely be a benefit of this connection.


Effective communication is something that is valuable in any relationship. The relationship between a coach and a swimmer requires communication in order to develop. Your relationship with your coach, like all relationships, will have some ups and downs. Maintaining healthy communication is vital in making sure that these ups and downs do not harm the relationship. If you ever disagree with your coach, communicating this will allow both of you to understand each other. When you develop healthy communication, conflicts may be settled with ease. When there is open communication between a coach and a swimmer, you will develop mutual respect for each other as well. Having a greater respect for one another is formed through communication, which will also further build a relationship.


Trust is one of the most important parts of a relationship that you can have with anyone. If you can share trust with your coach, your relationship will improve tremendously. A simple form of trust can be formed very easily. If you are performing well, you will trust the sets that your coach is writing. Your performance in the pool will then allow your coach to trust you to swim well on relays, and other races with more pressure. Trust can be strengthened through communication, as well as time shared together. When trust is stronger, you will have the confidence to go to your coach when you are struggling with issues in or out of the pool. You can trust your coach with this information and you also value their opinion. Trust will help you appreciate what the sport has to offer on a new level.

Let’s talk about more of the benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

A good relationship involves connection, communication and trust. When you are able to develop all three of these parts of a relationship, your relationship will improve tremendously. With a strong relationship, your coach will become a person that you go to with not only your struggles, but also your successes. You will want to tell your coach about what you thought you did well on a set or during a practice. When you have a strong relationship with your coach, you will find yourself more willing to persevere through practices. There will be a shared respect between each other, and this will allow you to be more authentic to one another. When you have all of these aspects of a good relationship, you will enjoy your time at practice to a much greater extent. You may also find yourself swimming faster in meets.

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6 months ago

I do wish every coach of any sport would read this. Coaches have an incredible influence on an athlete. I was very lucky to have great coaches when I was an athlete. They shaped my life in more ways than just the sport. Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky. Great article!

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