Hilda Luthersdottir Sets Four Records at Small States Games

Photo Courtesy: Peter H.Bick

Hilda Luthersdottir made it four straight days of record breaking swims at the 16th Games of the Small States of Europe. Swimming in the comfort of her native country in Reykjavik, the University of Florida swimmer already broke the women’s 200-meter IM, 200-meter breast, and the 100-meter breast meet records. Tonight, she took down the 400-meter IM mark.

Luthersdottir dominated with a 4:46.70, destroying the original meet mark of 4:54.57 held by Johanna Gerda Gustafsdottir. Gustafsdottir ended up second with a 5:53.55. Luxembourg’s Julia Hassler took third with a 5:02.37.

Raphael Stacchioti dropped the men’s 400-meter IM record to a 4:24.02 with his win over Christoph Martin Meier (4:26.58). The original record was held by Anton McKee at 4:27.29. McKee ended up third with a 4:32.99.

Julia Hassler battled Monique Olivier through the 800-meter free, and wound up gutting out a win with an 8:42.06. At the 500-meter mark, Hassler began to surge ahead of Olivier, who finished second in 8:49.57. Hassler bested her own record, which stood at 8:45.09. Inga Elin Cryer clocked a 9:03.66 to get third.

Christoph Martin Meier won the men’s 1500-meter free in 15:55.71. Meier continued to build upon an early lead throughout the race. Iacovos Hadjiconstantinou took second with a 16:14.05, just ahead of Andorra’s Pol Arias Dourdet’s 16:18.50.

2015 Small States Europe, Day Four – Results

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